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Ugur Bozkurt posted a discussion
hi everyone!is there anyone who knows about Y harness. i have one output from co pilot computer for ailerons and i need to use this output for two servos. Y harness does this job pretty good. But i dont have it. can i use two servo extension cable…
May 22, 2009
Ugur Bozkurt posted a discussion
helloi have a project about lego UAV with FMA co pilot. dramatically co pilot computer burst. but elevon servo output works fine. So I will get a new fma co pilot. And I am wondering if i can use the old co pilot computer as a MUX switching between…
May 21, 2009
Ugur Bozkurt left a comment for Chris Anderson
do you have any idea about co pilot sensor calibration.
we need to measure the output from sensors via ossilloscope.
i am using fma co pilot (cpd4 ) , lipo battery, sub micro servos, dx6i radio controller.
i also need to figure out how to set up…"
Apr 28, 2009
Ugur Bozkurt left a comment for dincer hepguler
uav ile ilgili bir tez hazirliyorum. fakat sensor kalibrasyonu icin osiloskopta bazi olcumler yapmamiz gerekiyor. co pilot sensorunun ne kadar dondugune bagli olarak bir cikis gozlemlememiz gerekiyor. servonun nasil tepki verdigi yani.…"
Apr 28, 2009