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Warren Purnell commented on Chris Anderson's blog post "Smellicopter" uses live moth antenna to follow scents
"Maybe a morbid comment, but could be an extremely useful tool searching for deceased bodies."
Jan 30, 2021
Warren Purnell replied to Warren Purnell's discussion Red Boxes - Mission Planner
"That makes sense but that command wasn't given at that point of the Auto mission. Unless someone else comes up with something different it'll give me somewhere to start working it out. I'd have thought the square would have been elongated to account…"
Aug 26, 2016
Warren Purnell posted a discussion
I'm guessing this will be an easy one, but something I've obviously missed in a software update..While say hovering a Copter in Guided mode a number of red line boxes appear on the Mission Planner Satellite Image which border the Copter's position.…
Aug 25, 2016
Warren Purnell replied to Warren Purnell's discussion Copter yaw orientation changes when Modes changed in ArduCopter User Group
"Thanks but no chance. The Copter flys OK in Stabilse until it been in say Loiter then switching back to Stabilise is when the problem presents. Copter take off is facing directly away from me and not offset."
Jun 7, 2016
Warren Purnell posted a discussion in ArduCopter User Group
After flying in and switching back out of a GPS controlled flight mode back into Stabilise the Copter's yaw direction is 45 degrees off. eg. Copter facing directly away from me, if I pull the TX stick straight back the Copter will head 45 degrees…
Jun 7, 2016
Warren Purnell left a comment on ArduCopter User Group
"I want to upgrade to the last supported firmware for an APM. Could someone advise where I find the file please?"
Apr 8, 2016
Warren Purnell replied to Thomas Stanley-Jones's discussion Sync Images of Canon Cameras in Terrain/Surface Mapping
"I probably can't help past this suggestion. I'd make sure the cameras are in complete Manual Mode and the focus also Manual. The varying delays may be the cameras working out their settings & focus etc. before triggering."
Apr 3, 2016
Warren Purnell posted a discussion
Hi All,Not a critical issue. I'm running Arducopter 3.3.3 FYI.Load testing my batteries etc. in my Hex after a period of no use. Whilst in Loiter at about 1.5m high the battery voltage dropped below 10.5v and my Battery Failsafe activated. The Hex…
Apr 3, 2016
Warren Purnell posted a discussion
Hi all,I have an RTL-SDR dongle and I can't get it to work overlaying aircraft data in Mission Planner.1/ I've installed the Driver into Windows 8 using Zadig2/ I've run ADSBSharp using Port 47806 (& others)3/ Checked the ADSB button in MPAny…
Sep 13, 2015
Warren Purnell replied to weiqiang's discussion How can I using copter measure wind direction and wind velocity? in ArduCopter User Group
"I believe the information you are seeking is already available in Mission Planner.
You can simply select the flight data you want to view as a Field"
Aug 24, 2014
Warren Purnell left a comment on Australia
"I know a guy you could try but he's in Melbourne. Very good and up to date on IAV development."
Jul 1, 2014
Warren Purnell replied to xoltri's discussion Pixhawk causing motor sync issues.
"My Hex dumped in a week ago while doing Auto Tune and having Logging Default + IMU. Motors just seemed to stop after several tune oscillation sequences. I've looked at the Logs and it seems the Pixhawk just stopped sending signals to the motors. I'm…"
Apr 14, 2014
Warren Purnell replied to Mohamed Abdelkader Zahana's discussion Auto Center Line tracking during Auto Takeoff
"I believe the RC Jet guys have been using Gyros to keep their planes straight on takeoff. Not sure if they link the rudder & front wheel on the same channel but would guess so.
Is this what you are doing but throught the APM?"
Nov 26, 2013
Warren Purnell replied to Shyam Balasubramanian's discussion Copter jumping Up-Down constantly without input in Alt-Hold (with sonar + baro)
"On earlier versions than 3.01 Sonar for me was absolutely perfect. Once using 3.01 Sonar exhibited issues as described in the post.
On the bench I am getting accurate readings. In flight up & down with motors cutting out etc.
I've added all the…"
Nov 20, 2013
Warren Purnell replied to Nhat Quang Luong's discussion AC3.1 rc5 yaw issue
"I'm not sure how the AHRS values are derived and in the parameter list? If its from aan APM setup routine then maybe not a bug. If it arrives in firmware updates then it needs to be sorted.
Since manually zeroing the values my quad behaves but I've…"
Nov 6, 2013
Warren Purnell replied to Henri's discussion Skycat parachute launcher for Drones
"Not sure what Kimberley is up to with this project at Photo Higher."
Nov 5, 2013