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ryan reeve left a comment for ryan reeve
"Basically I have done MCS with networking but as u can see having an id on DIYdrones.com reveals all the interests.
where in Lhr do u live and r u student or working somewhere ?"
Jan 6, 2010
ryan reeve left a comment for Shakeel Mahmood
"which area of lhr u r from ?"
Dec 30, 2009
ryan reeve commented on Jordi Muñoz's blog post Open Source MUX Antifail System by me
"can somebody post schematic and pcb files
Apr 11, 2009
ryan reeve commented on Chris Anderson's blog post ArduPilot home page
"As far as i know calculating bearing and distance to destination directly using floats
(because 64 bit floating point accuracy is required) and sin etc from the math library will not give accrate reults.How ardupilot has overcome this problem.
Or it…"
Feb 1, 2009