The "Three Dealers" contest (best APM video wins), closing March 31, 2012 (Details here.)



DIY Drones Trust Time Trial (T3) competitions:


Season One

T3 Round 1: Figure Eight (fastest time around the course)
T3 Round 2: Figure Eight with 3D waypoints (must control altitude, too)
T3 Round 3: Break Stanford's UAV altitude record (cumulative climbs)
T3 Round 4: Map a quarter kilometer (aerial photography/mosaic)
T3 Round 5: Virtual Sparkfun Competition (fastest time around an area the same size as the Sparkfun HQ)
T3 Round 6: Simulation round (write "DIY" with simulated track)
T3 Round 7: Autonomous takeoff and landing
T3 Round 8: Precision egg-drop

Season Two

T3-2 Round 1: Figure Eight with planes and copters
T3-2 Round 2: Autotakeoff and landing (planes and copters)
T3-2 Round 3: Reliability and aerial photography (planes and copters)
T3-2 Round 4: The Cube
T3-2 Round 5: The Model
T3-2 Round 6: The Pylon Race
T3-2 Round 7: The Vertical Horizontal One

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