ArduCopter - Power PCB Proto

Here is picture of new ArduCopter Quad Power distribution boards I just received from PCB company. They are almost ok... DIY Drones / ArduCopter text was laid upside down at PCB company (film upside down) :)

It works just the way it shoud tho...

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  • Jani, please, can you upload a source files?
  • Developer
    Chris, like NS Rana said. Extra soldering paste on traces are just to provide enough material to transport all needed mAh's around to board. This board can easily deliver 40-50 amp peak currents and even more. With track width of 2.3 millimeters thickness of .5 mm, we can deliver 30-35 amps constant current without getting hot over long periods.

    How the whole board works. Yes you just connect one battery on those middle holes (in pic 3 holes close to each other). Then solder Deans connector or even XT60 on edge of the board where there is extra wide soldering area. Also there are space for 4 x right angle 3 pin connectors where user can connect their ESC's and solder only one cable that goes to flight controller.

    Will post more pictures on fully equipped board.

    @NS Rana that your way to do power distro is one way tho a bit heavyish but effective :)
  • Hi Chris, It is basically to provide electrical strength to the copper tracks carrying large current.
    What I did in mine is took two copper clad boards one bigger and other one smaller, joined then with epoxy and now power from all around can be tapped for all four ESC's and even Lipo horizontal orientation can be in any side.
    Below is my very verY low cost (less than 2 US$) frame it is light weight, strong like a rock;

  • 3D Robotics
    Sweet! Why all the solder on the one in the middle?

    Also, can you briefly explain the function of a power distribution board? I assume it's so that one battery connection can drive four ESCs. How do you connect the ESCs? (also Deans connectors?)
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