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ESPcopter on Indiegogo

Today I was came aware of the ESPcopter crowdfunding on Indiegogo. The Espcopter is a unique small size mini drone that is a wirelessly networkable, interactive and programmable drone and what’s more Espcopter is suitable for IoT applications you can develop whatever you want to…


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Drone Pilots Are Buying Russian Software to Hack Their Way Past DJI's No Fly Zones

Should drone owners be able to fly their drones wherever and however they want to? This is the question increasingly asked by the consumer drone community as drone giant DJI tightens flying restrictions on its customers.

This was the…


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Mobius docking station - enable your mobius came to transmit video on 5.8GHz

The Mobius docking station takes the ActionCam to a new level and makes it even more versatile. Now very easily you can enable it to transmit the live video to a receiving ground station via the docking stations built-in 5.8GHz 32ch 200mW mini transmitter. 

Slide your Mobius  camera into the docking station with video transmitter to make it…


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Quanum DIY FPV Goggle V2 with 5 inch LCD Monitor

Remember the first version of the Quanum Goggles (see blog post here)? they were quit popular and now they are even better, according to HobbyKing.

This new version features a 5” TFT monitor with 3X-magnifying lens and…


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Turnigy Replikator 3D printer

Hobbyking has released the Turnigy Fabrikator 3D Printer in all their warehouses today. Some people have been eagerly waiting for what they come up with, but now we know. I ordered mine, together with a role of fillament and looking forward to receive it. It will be my first adventure with 3D printers, so I am pretty excited to start printing my own…


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Stepcraft 2: a milling, carving, cutting, engraving and 3d printing machine

I was surprised that I had not seen it here. I think it is a wonderful machine to have.…


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Mini Talon FPV Plane

The Mini Talon FPV V-tail Drone is the new little brother of the popular Talon FPV plane. The all EPO moulded airframe  comes in kit form and due to its smaller size is great for packing with you on your favorite FPV gear. The kit comes un-assembled…


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Pixhawk on DealExtreme

Just as other 3DR products appeared as copies in all kinds of web stores, now also the Pixhawk starts to show up in the same stores. The one pictured above is available from DealExtreme for US$ 126 including worldwide…


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MoJ in The Netherlands starts tender for 'Protection again mobile systems'

Today an article appeared in one of the Dutch news papers (NRC Handelsblad, warning: Dutch language) in which was written that the Dutch Ministry of Justice is looking for ways to take over control of drones, jam the frequency on which the targeted drone is…


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Quanum DIY FPV Goggle Set with Monitor (KIT)

I think a nice goggle set for beginners, the Quanum DIY FPV goggle set with monitor. Not with dual glasses, but a single display that shows the live feed from your video/transmitter set (not included). The resolution is 480p (640x480 pixels) and you can use it with one of the 3 lenses it comes it, whichever fits you best. The goggles can be switched between 16:9 or 4:3 aspect…


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Dutch flying car Pal-V comes available for purchase at the end of this year

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An interesting interview with the CEO of Pal-V on a local radio station this morning making the statement that the flying car will be available for purchase at the end of this year. The first version, limited edition, will set you back about 500K Euro (a little less than 700K US$). A car license and…


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Hobbyking getting into 3D printers

With the above video above, Hobbyking announced last Saturday that they are getting into 3D printing. Since last Tuesday the products are gradually added to their site.


First item that was added was the 3D Printer Hot Plate MK2B Dual Power…


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Turnigy T1000FC Fixed-wing Auto Pilot System With GPS and Return To Home


This little gem is great for unexperienced fixed-wing pilots and people who fly fpv. The T1000FC auto pilot system with GPS is an in-line flight stabilizing system that offers auto level, tilt angle limits and return to home functionality for conventional aircraft (fixed wing, delta, etc... excluding multicopters and heli's).



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SkyHunter FPV UAV Aircraft Platform - kit

The first thing that came to my attention was the large bay which is suiteable, according to the product description, for batteries from 5 to 20 Amps. The large bay in combination with a wingspan of 1800 mm (70 inch) and the suggested power train allows this aircraft to carry enough gadgets to make it a great FPV aircraft.


• Tough EPO Construction

• Large…


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Students build a 3D printed plane

From Hackaday: 

A student team has successfully designed, built, and flown a 3D printed RC plane using only $16 of plastic with a consumer-grade 3D printer (Makerbot), plus the necessary electronics and motor.

The folks over at the Wright Brothers Institute (WBI) have a great program…


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Super Hungry Board Multi-Copter Power Distribution (400A)

The 'Super Hungry Board' allows you to provide up to 8speed controllers with a maximum of 400A in total of power.


Either use the 4mm bullet plugs or the solder pads to connect the power lines of your esc to this power distribution board.


Amps Capable: 400

Connectors: 4mm and solder Pads

Size: 74X22mm

Weight: 101g (less with heat syncs…


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APM 2.5 available from DealExtreme

During my daily browsing session through the new products on DealExtreme I found that they are selling the APM 2.5 for US$ 75 including shipping.

No sign of a 3DR or other logo and also no mention of open source or open hardware. The price…


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Kickstarter project - Ziphius: The Aquatic Drone

Back in March Chris Andersson posted about Team Ziphius, who won Engadget's Insert Coin innovation competition with their FPV mobile-controlled aquatic drone. Since June 24 there is a Kickstarter project for the Ziphius.

Ziphius is the first…


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Printing (tiny) batteries

Novel application of 3D printing could enable the development of miniaturized medical implants, compact electronics, tiny robots, and more. It will probably take a while before this will be used for the hobby markt, but I though the story is nice enough to blog about it.

3D printing can now be used to print lithium-ion microbatteries the…


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3 channel FPV video switcher for only 5 bucks

Fresh from Hobbyking is this video switch which allows you to switch a maximum of 3 camera's on your aircraft (or boat, car for that matter) by the flick of a switch. This switch features one receiver input, 3 camera inputs and one video output

With dimensions of only 30x18x6mm and just 4 grams this is a small and light device.…


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