1st Full Autonomous Mission with 3DR Y6 Copter


3rd flight and first full autonomous flight from take off to touch down.  Still some tuning to figure out.  You'll see from the video that when the copter approaches each waypoint, there is a lot of oscillation then it smoothes out.  If anyone has any tips on how to adjust the setting to get rid of this please comment below.  

The other thing I noticed is that when I was out in the field and "loaded from APM" the mission points, that waypoint 1 had moved right next to waypoint 2.  Not sure why that is but is has happened twice after downloading from my PC then verifying in the field from my Nexus 7 tablet (1st gen).


Any tips would be appreciated.  Just happy to have another successful flight.  Sorry for some shaky video in the middle, my weekend video crew consist of my 10 year old daughter with my 4 year old making noise in the background.

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  • I have a 3DR Y6 and have the same stability problems when changing modes and when there is any substantial wind. My copter almost did a flip one time and I switched to stabilize mode to get it settled down. I started a thread in the forum including log files but never got any suggestions about what or how to maybe fix the tune like above. I will try those settings and maybe my heart wont be jumping out of my chest when it starts oscillating like that. 

    Here is the thread I started.


  • Good work man.  Cant wait for this moment myself, -P

  • Thanks Jason for the info on the PIDs.  I'll give those a try and let everyone know.

  • Very nice job and agree gains looked high causing oscillation. Still a novice myself have not done auto take off and land.


  • Developer

    Your copter looks over-tuned to me. The default gains are simply too aggressive.

    The main issue I saw was Alt-hold. This is what is causing the craziness at the WPs. Your Throttle_rate_P is probably 6? If so lower it to 5 or 4.5.

    Also, try lowering your STABILIZE_ROLL_P and STABILIZE_PITCH_P to 3.6 from 4.5

    Your Yaw gain may also need lowering to 3.8 or 4.0 from 4.5

    Have fun,


  • Great work! Not sure of why there is oscillations there. Hopefully someone can comment on that.

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