3D FPV camera The BlackBird


Hello! Today I want to tell You about the company's product FPV3DCam (fpv3dcam.com), a little and beautiful, you can say first of its kind - 3D video camera for fpv. 

And thus, meet - The BlackBird is the smallest and cool 3D video camera real time.

Let's begin the discussion with the appearance of The BlackBird. The BlackBird is the representative of a class without hull cameras and looks like a small box the size 34 x 34 mm, consisting of two video modules, connected by a two reliable 7 pin connectors. Such design allows to separate modules and change the length of stereo connecting them with connecting cable, as well as detachable design allows setting of convergence.


On the front of The BlackBird are two lens 3.6mm ( maybe 2.5 mm, depending on set of delivery, lenses standard M12), led - indicator, holders of lenses, which are hidden ultra compact high quality video sensors OmniVision OV7950 on the sensor 1/4" CMOS. The size of the array of pixels 656 x 492, image quality 470 TVL.


Rear 3D camera is a board to the locations of electronic components - all parts are soldered to the Board very efficiently and accurately. Also here is an interface connector to connect The BlackBird to the video transmitter (video glasses, monitor, etc) and voltage. By the way, the range of supply voltage camera from 5 to 12 volts, allowing you to use LiPo batteries 2S or 3S.


The outgoing video signal from the camera is transmitted in the format NTSC 525/60, 3D - Field Sequential 3D, which allows to use standard video transmitter in FPV system. And get in the video glasses quality Video in 3D, which allows us to more accurately navigate in space. The person using The BlackBird in FPV, feelings when managing rc model become more real, he feels the speed, volume, perform any complex maneuvers, becomes an easy game... you Can tell people use The BlackBird in FPV begins to look at this world with two eyes that originally given to him by nature.

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  • I received my Blackbird2 today and did a little unboxing video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xLBz-BGjIvs

  • stereoscopic flight camera BlackBird 1 support 3D video glasses Fat Shark Attitude V3

  • hi jim, the skyzone is crap compared to the blackbird in fact they are just releasing the blackbidr2 with more resolution and a host of new features including the ability to work with most all goggles fatshark hd, and your skyzone goggles you can see them and preorder here http://fpv3dcam.com/products-fpv3dcam/the-blackbird2-3d-fpv-camera.... the cost is not bad for what you will be getting

    flying in 3d is a very different experiance than 2d and the cameras out there run from poor to great the best on the market are the new blackbird 2, the 3d fpv cam from emr labs, the blackbird1, and the nerd cam 3d, then the skysone, the big drawback with the skyzone and nerdcam and the emr labs cam it if you want side by side 3d to work you must transmit 2 signals the blackbird 2 does not need to do this you use only your regular single channle video transmitter i think skyzone uses upto 4 ch. if you also want audio.

    the blackbird is also capable of using its own 200mw 5.8ghz transmitter that plugs into it ( very light weight) and has its own OSD using mavlink ( that is to be released in a firmware update later this year)

    please check them out they are worth every penny, if you have any questions let me know, i am happy to help

    you can also go to the facebook page for the blackbird at https://www.facebook.com/groups/fpv3dcam/

    take care

  • G'day Guys, I know this thread is fairly old but you may be able to save me searching through many, many posts... =:-)

    New to FPV.... I have a SkyHero Spyder6 and have just bought my first FPV set - I purchased the SkyZone 3D FPV V3.... First look through the goggles and not too sure if I am happy with the display. The X & Y planes (left-right & up - down) look OK but the Z (in and out) looks quite distorted. I only viewed while indoors last night and have not had chance to test outdoors yet....

    Anyway, the display depth looks really exaggerated. Near objects look really close and further away objects look too far away....

    Is this normal and I only need to get used to it, or would I be better trying a camera setup like the Blackbird featured in this thread?

    Has anyone compared the BlackBird with the Skyzone V3 cameras. The Skyzone cameras are fairly close together when compared to the BlackBird...

    Any advice much appreciated,



  • Egor,
    Greetings from the USA. The new camera looks great. Welcome to the 3d crowd. I wanted to mention my own 3d product, so you could included it in your list of cameras to compare your own product to. It is Real3DFPV.com. It uses two tx channels for separate 1/3" ccd board camera signals.Then using a HMD of my own design using two HQ LCD panels, I have maximized potential resolution. Check it out, I love feedback from fellow 3D enthusiasts!
    Real 3D FPV - Home
    Stereoscopic Remote Viewing Head Mounted Display/ 3D FPV
  • 3701832378?profile=original

    Greetings! We've made a mount kit for the BlackBird 3D camera. It comes with an 18mm IPD plate (coupled cameras) and the 65mm IPD mounting plate (uncoupled, pictured above) for a better 3D experience. It's rigid and field tested with several different multirotor configurations. It's now available at Hover.ly

  • Hello Melih.

    You can buy a camera on RCENERGY.RU - before July 10, its price will be 99 USD, as now we have a special offer. And this is more than 3 times cheaper offers from EMRLabs (299 USD) and more than two times cheaper proposals HerdCam3d (229 euros)... But I don't think You should buy a camera, because LLP to compare it with other cameras, You need to buy all three cameras - You need to buy BlackBird, you need to buy EMRLabs cam, you need to buy Nerdcam3d and compare them all. Then I think you will be able to provide qualitative assessment, but most likely you will not be able to do, since you initially set negatively.

  • Hello Sharky,

    No war, just talking :)
    About TVL, as you know Vertical image quality(not real lines) is coming from an analog data and affects from carrier frequency, transmitter band, monitor and others and as you know includes 3 color, mean you can multiply with 3 for black-white monitors (of course not but someone is doing)

    Multiplying vertical quality is impossible for the 3D cameras because of each eye. Yes, total transmitted vertical pixel increases but it depends of 3D image, only you can count the differences. Anyway this point very open to talk, the best solution will be counting from a chart.

    Dennis,Daniel or D,
    Egor said "it is half" politely. And I'm understanding his point about that and he right. But If you blame me to lying. Just ask him, how many horizontal lines coming to each eyes. He can answer you better than me. No magic in the NTSC protocol, ODD and EVEN frames is half of the total, thats all.

    About Egor's offer, I tried to order his camera to increasing the quality of this conversation but only found 3 web site selling these cameras. UK site was not working on my MAC. Only showing the product without a buy icon. I don't want to buy from Russia and Range video price was 180 USD (a bit high for a conversation).
    The better way to checking the camera resolution is buying OV7950 cameras, and I do, And I will make a "poor man's 3D camera" to show the resolution and non parallel design problems and share the details in DIY drones.
    If anyone is not agree with my same OV7950 IC based design, you can send a BlackBird to compression with the DIY one. And also I can send it with any request. Camera modules and Sensors on the way and will take 20-25 days to arrive. Then I can finish the first prototype in 1-2 hours if I found a free time and we can talk about the details. I hope you will be happy for this comparison because may be It helps for new designs and of course cheap HK copies. (I'm not sure about to open source design because of copies but This will not my first stolen design by HK)

  • Hi,

    Stop this holywar, guys.

    The total resolution of the NTSC video channel is 720x576 = 414720 pixels.

    The Blackbird effective horizontal resolution is 470 TVL (horizontal lines). It's measured by chart.

    The effective vertical resolution is unknown yet.

    After 3d conversion horisontal resolution is multiplied by 2, but vertical resolution is divided y 2.

    The horizontal resolution (well known TVL) will be multiplied by 2, i.e. 940. But the total pixel resolution of 3d picture will be same as 2d picture.

    Is it clear now?

  • @ melih

    first who is Dennis?

    as for you question about the 100+ or 420tvl what i said was "what would be great is one that had 1000+ lines per camera sensor," do you actually read what people write?

    further you said " As the BlackBird manufacturer said on the previous posts,Horizontal resolution is half of 470TVL (235TVL)  this is maximum value you can transmit over a single frame when 3D" this is not true.

    what he said was "In BlackBird picture is formed with the help of two sensors have a resolution of 420 TVl, Yes we lose horizontal resolution, but the vertical resolution (it is a single sensor resolution, as we alternate line) remains the same (i.e. two times higher than from one camera) is the first."

    you attempt to correct youself in your last post, but he gave you no number on how much it is reduced, at no time did he tell you it cut resolution in half. and here you calim the resolution will be 210, "if you using 420TVL(or 470TVL) camera, your every frame will be half of this value(210TVL) this is why your field sequential video will be 210TVL for each eye" this is not  observable this camera is a sharper image than the 690 line tbs 69 cam i have and the 800line sony or even the 600line fatshark

    in your first post you failed to read the full blog post, and go an about how the camera is not wide enough even thought he tells everyone in the post the can be separated to any distance using a patch cable.

    and here he offers to refund your money if you buy one and you are not happy with it, " In BlackBird picture is formed with the help of two sensors have a resolution of 420 TVl, Yes we lose horizontal resolution, but the vertical resolution (it is a single sensor resolution, as we alternate line) remains the same (i.e. two times higher than from one camera) is the first. The second is today 3D FPV camera BlackBird is the best 3D FPV camera in the world, in many of the parameter is the weight, the supply voltage, the ability to change the stereo base, size etc. Buy BlackBird, and if You do not like it I will return the money". you keep going on about science, and math but you wont even try the product.that is just sad.

    many very smart people have been wrong about new tech. take the first atomic bomb there were scientists on the team that developed it that were positive it would ignite our atmosphere. the sound barrier, there were scientists that said we would never  fly that fast, and felt like you, that they could prove it with math and physics. the list goes on and on and now we have a camera that you say can't work the way the guy who built it said it will. sorry i believe him, and my own eyes.

    and i will put my cameras out for people to see and fly, i took 3 guys up over the weekend and all were amazed by this camera.

    and i do enjoy my setup, if you get to usa look me up and i will let you try it out.

    in fact i will let anyone that i can meet up with try these cameras and see for themselves, if you don't believe what he and I say about them. come one come all.

    i apologize to all the readers for this silly argument going on as long as it has.  i am willing to let any person that can get here, or that i can get to, try this system out for them selves.

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