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3DR GPS+mag back in stock!

3689546477?profile=originalVery pleased to announce that the 3DR GPS+mag module, which ran out of stock way too soon after we announced more than a month ago, is back in stock. Any remaining backorders are now being filled, and any product waiting for this should also be going out now. Thanks everyone for your patience on this one -- a combination of overwhelming demand along with supplier problems from the resin provider (the GPS uses a special translucent gray plastic) to the pad printer contributed to the long backlog (we've taken steps to ensure that it doesn't happen again.)

If you've been waiting to convert your APM 2.5 to an external mag for superior copter performance (instructions for doing that are here), this is your chance. It's also the standard for APM 2.6, which is designed from the start for an external magnetometer. I've converted all my copters to this and loiters/navigation have never been better. 

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  • @cirilo, @Mike and others -

    The sparkfun breakout board arrived today and I was successful in installing it as an external compass on my APM 2.5.  Very easy.  Details in a new post http://www.diydrones.com/profiles/blogs/15-external-compass-for-apm...  (post is pending moderator approval)

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    Robert: We haven't decided on when to end-of-life PX4 1.7,  but given that Pixhawk does everything it does and more (plus is MUCH easier to use), we don't anticipate much demand for the original PX4 after Pixhawk is out.

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    S. Rado: I think the PX4s will be shipping early next week. So you could have them a month before Pixhawk.

  • Chris, but I would have to wait for the release of the Pixhawk at the end of October when I want to switch, right? If I stick to the regular PX4 kit, how are my chances to get it before that?

  • Chris, so is the PX4 v1 basically going to be discontinued?

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    S. Rado: Sorry about that. We're sending everyone who was backordered on PX4 an email today giving them the option to switch their order to Pixhawk (same price) instead. If you want to stick with the regular PX4, they will be available within the next week for a limited time, although the intention is to replace them with Pixhawk, which works the same but has a superior design. 

  • I ordered a PX4 FMU+IO kit and the GPS module six weeks ago. First, the GPS was out of stock and now the GPS is back, I have to wait because the PX4 kit is not available any more. Are you kidding me? Why didn't you reserve a PX4 kit for me while you were waiting for the GPS, because the PX4 kit definitely was available when I ordered and for at least two weeks after that!

    The support didn't answer me when the PX4 is expected to be back in stock and if the GPS module will be in stock then, too... I understood that the GPS was on backorder when I placed my order, but why the hell couldn't you reserve a PX4 kit for me?!?

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    Peter, please PM me with the email address you used to contact the help desk and I'll have it escalated. I don't see any email with that order number. 

  • @Chris

     Thanks for replying. I've sent the information over to you. 

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    Mike: Please PM me with your order number and I'll escalate to a manger to sort this out ASAP. 

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