3DR Quad suspension


Hey everyone, it always bothered me when my Quad hit the ground hard, so I started looking on a way to add a suspension to it and after 2 weeks of trying, this is what I came up with:

I got some shock absorbing from a 1/10 scale buggy and added wheels, one on each side of each leg with a total of 8, they are very light (used on some airplanes like Apprentice etc). Had to 3D print some parts to hold the shocks on the Arm, I also printed the Sonar support. I am very happy with the result of the suspension. To test it I cut the power off at about 2 feet high and it hit the ground but it doesn't bounce at all (the shocks absorb all the impact). I'm very satisfied with the results, and I just wanted to share.3689453090?profile=original3689453021?profile=original3689453097?profile=original

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  • How about this for inspiration.  The pads are light weight and allow for some slippage when landing with lateral velosity and there must be some shocks in there somewhere.  And the gold foil is a nice touch.3692401018?profile=original

  • I drilled my self :-))  Square tube 3/4 or 1/2   from Home Depot

  • yes, looks very strong, did you drill all these holes on the Arm or you can buy them like that?

  • Hey John Church, I am glad you like it, really appreciate your input...

  • My quadro has very strong frame Total weight with camera and gimbal 1485gr


  • Luiz, your design is Ok, but for all flying objects on first place durability and less weight

  • thanks Alex for you advise, I have this thing in my mind that I am always trying to improve things, I am a designer and when something bother me I want to fix it.....or improve it..., but you are correct I need more training..and training....thanks again

  • Luiz,

    With all gears you have ,maximum recommended take off weight must be 1600gr
    Actually total weight frame, motors ,ESC and radio with APM average 1000gr, plus battery 2200Mah 200gr
    Total 1300 . You have left 300gr for gimbal and camera.
    For training flights I would recommend flights without camera. You don’t need huge landing gears. Landing must be gentle and smooth.
    Training training and  training. Don’t rush to spend a lot of money for new gizmo
  • hummm, not too bad Alex if I fly without the GOPRO i don't even feel any difference, but I want to upgrade my motors and ESCs anyways, I am thinking getting the AXI 2814, what do you think? does it worth investing on the frame or should I get a Droidworks or something like that?

  • Tooooooooooo Heavy

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