Yes..thats right. I have eventually developed all the above said techies in a past few months...A very thanks to DIY for the help i've found in posts and digging stuff sround on the site.So, inow finally have a EM-406 based Autopilot.Gps runs in NMEA but now i've hooked up to Binary(WOW i dint beliv its gonna be that straight....beliv me guys binary is far simpler as much we thot its difficult).It sends data to Autopilot (self made) which uses AVR atmega16I used the draganflyer to try my skills and i was able to autonomously takeoff and navigate(think so, i actually never let it go all by itself but it did make manouvrs to goto reqd heading)

I was usiing a micromag compass(guys its a hell experience with quitting to use mags unless they r 3-axis and magnetically shielded)Now i thinkGPS shud be used that im gonna run it in binary so i expect a 5hz response...(make sure the vehicle moves abt 3m/s "In INDIA" to detect heading)..FInally im developing a QUAD with hitec outrunners

...i have alrdy workedTHE KALMAN FILTER out

the yellow line --> Actual Gyro angle in degrees(oops they do drift...look below)BLACK line --> Kalman+gyro+acceleroREd--> accelro degrees(oops it jitters)

im usin IMU v2 6DOF by using the IMU in BINARY(wowee binary is fun)THE GCS i have made in VS C# has 3 displays1) Telemetry2)Real Time Vehicle Tracker(a Google map backgorund scaled to gps pts)3)Live Video Relay (video can be processed for objects as small as human ,mines, its can detect patterns if sign is give...have also developed a damn good image processing using SIFT(oops it gives 0.25 FPS hehe..but other r really fast))...all developed in MATLAB.

this 1 gives 0.25 FPS....but its good (ref. Dr. Lowe)...any suggestions...most welcome...
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  • So...did you use real flight geometry to compensate for acceleration....or just cheat and pretend z<=1?
  • I love it. Congrats on your kalman filter, i mean, that is a lovely curve you have there. Maybe your quad needs some tuning? It seems that the 0 is the -20 degs. Best i can gather is that everything is gravy between 5 and 60 degress, then it's almost like it overcompensates or undercompensates.

    I am not sure how you will get a magnetically shielded magnetic compass to work, but hey ;) i wish i was a better programmer because this is the crap i WANT to do.
  • 3D Robotics
    Cool. Where are the accelerometers and gyros?
  • Geetesh, are you developing your own Kalman filtering software, or are you starting with a codebase?
  • OOps!! i plan to run only innerloop(the kalman & stabiliser) and the outerloop(navigator) ONboard the Atmega16. YEs only Atmega16 for now...the video.image processing is done on a ground station(PC running matlab)...i hope that Kalman works fine on it..i have only simulated it so far, as n when i get to my College lab (vacctions for Diwali{a festival in india of crackers n light} )..i'll try the kalman on actual hardware..the atmega is here.. it lies beneath the LCD

  • Cool! What is the application you envision for the SIFT processing? Maybe you could track ground vehicles or animals with it?
  • That's a really cool project, Geetesh! I'm very envious. I'd love to take the time to work on a Quad.
  • 3D Robotics
    Wow--this is impressive! I assume you're got more onboard processing than just that one atmega168 ;-) Can you upload a picture of your processor board? Would love to see how you put it all together.
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