AlceOSD - Graphical OSD for APM/PX4



Due to the limitations of minimosd, for some time that I've been working on developing a new OSD for APM/PX4.

As of today, AlceOSD 0v3 is available for sale at:

Firmware available at:

Documentation is available at (WIP):

The firmware is open source project so all kind of contributors are welcome!

Let me know your thoughts and new ideas for the OSD!

Latest flight (hw 0v2):

First flight (hw 0v1):

Batch of the first 10 prototype boards:


Assembled board (2.5 x 5.0 cm, 6 grams weight):


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  • Luis

    If we have some ideas to be on the osd, where do you like us to share them?
  • Luis

    As i can see that the text has better resolution than the minimOSD, is it correct?
  • Jake, I think we already "heard" you. You would like color razor sharp graphics.

    Maybe we'll get there...

  • Anybody know what sort of setup the Eagle Tree Vector system is using?

    Smooth, razor sharp color graphics:  tired of staring at hard to read white text with clunky graphics? The Vector changes all that.

  • Elios,

    Yes, absolutely possible.

    Ravi and Raph,

    You can visit the AlceOSD website and check the "Get one" link.

    The first batch of boards is almost gone.

    I should have more in about 2 weeks.

  • would love to try this as well - excited to see something in the works to replace the current option. if you plan to have beta testers, sign me up! :) 

  • HI Luis, 

    Are you planning to add the Top Radar View of the plane, which means it will show the plane where it is on the screen?

  • I would surely like to try one. how can I get one?

  • A color OSD adds extra cost and my goal is to create a cheap and small OSD that can replace minimosd.

    And honestly... colors would be nice but I don't really need them :)

  • No color?  B&W OSDs are old news.

This reply was deleted.