AMA aims to increases weight limit to 125 Lbs.

From a recent AMA Executive Council meeting:

"MOTION V: Moved by G. Fitch (II) and seconded by J. Rice (VIII) to change the name of the Experimental Aircraft program to Large Model Aircraft program. Additionally, pending approval of the regulations and insurance, increase Large Model Aircraft program (formerly Experimental Aircraft program) maximum weight from 55.1 lbs.-100 lbs. to 55.1 lbs. -125 lbs. for propeller-driven aircraft, and, 55.1 lbs. to 100 lbs. for turbine-powered aircraft." (bolding mine)

Is this their way of saying, "Lets really annoy the FAA!" ?????

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  • AMA membership is $58 per year which includes a "secondary" insurance policy. $18 of the $58 goes for a mandatory subscription to Model Aviation Magazine, the AMA's own magazine.
    It is a decent price but it only covers you if you follow AMA rules. Get a recreational rider or "umbrella" coverage on your homeowners might cost an extra $75 but you get real insurance like you have on your car and house instead of the very limited AMA liabilty policy.
  • How much is this insurance? I didn't think it was much. although leaving line of site may void it?
  • Just get an "umbrella" homeonwners property and you are covered for almost everything. Also, the AMA insurance doesn't come into play until you use up all other insurances you have.
    Do not believe what the AMA tells you about insurance, call your homeowners agent, remember the AMA is selling insurance not trying to find anyone alternatives.
  • All that's required in a car is insurance(including medical), and if we can get that for UAV's I don't see a It seems like driving a car is way more dangerous than operating a model aircraft or UAV.

    But then there is the point that to drive you are required to take a test!
  • Seeing as the FAA/ARC documents mention a 55# limit, isn't this a slap in their faces?
    Like most "rules" in the AMA the process seems like this:
    1. Think of something to do.
    2. See if the insurance will cover it.
    3. If insured then the Rules say its OK, If not the rules will reflect it is banned.

    I am not sure the FAA will agree with their safety analysis process for rule making.
  • This is a good thing, right, what the AMA is doing here?
  • 100KM
    I think it reflects the growth in size of the average rc aircraft . 50+ pounders are common place at the fields i fly at . this was not true 5 years ago
  • For the last 30 years recreational model aviation has had no regulation other than FAA guidelines (AC 91-57). That is why everyone is in a panic over the new regulations. It is much like giving your kids a curfew after they have been allowed to stay out all night for a year. But sometimes it has to be done when you feel they are being irresponsible or disrespectful.
  • Moderator
    Do you already have regulation for large scale models?? They have been in place here for years, long before UAS came along perhaps its the AMA's way of trying to save large scale models in the USA??? Heres the CAP

    I guess you have the same sort of thing over there, airworthy test and proficiency for the pilot?
    Large Model Association
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