Have you ever think about controlling multiple drones, or enjoying a team flying with your friends, where you can both monitor your drones, even your friend who could not come to the field, even your friend in another country !!

If this is not enough lets imagine you need to fly your Ardu drone in a very long mission, and you need it to be connected with your ground station or Droid Planner, you need no expensive devices anymore.

Imagine you need your Ardu to follow your friend Multiwii, different platforms, well this is a comming soon feature :) rest are already there.

Let us start the story from the beginning. Mobile devices are getting more powerful every day, as in 2014 many mobiles have multiple cores with speed more +2GHz, and +1GB Ram. Recent mobile phones have complete set of sensors Gyro, Accelerometer, Magnetometer, Barometer, GPS as well as rich communication media including Bluetooth, Wifi and GPRS. This is not everything, even mid-range mobiles have powerful camera with very high resolution.


They also have loud speakers and high resolution screens with multi-touch capabilities. That makes mobile a very attractive platform for RC and UAV.

A board with same features would be quite complex to assemble and will require a lot of programming challenges to make these stuff work together, meanwhile an Android mobile provides these features with relatively easy programming and in high level languages such as Java or C++.

People have stopped thinking of mobiles as a classical phone since a while, and it is seen as an integrated device where you can talk to ppl., watch movies, listen to music. The Andruav project adopts the same vision in UAV world, hence your mobile is your own new control board.

So what is Andruav –pronounced “androiv”-. It is an interconnected Android-based mobile that allow both vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-GCS communication and control. It allows group communication, and drone-to-drone communication.

Currently the system is in its Beta Stage. I hope interested people can join to get the best out of this.



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  • application is online now in market ... search for andruav

    Andruav - Apps on Google Play
    Andruav is an interconnected platform that uses Android mobile phones as Control Boards and Ground Control Stations for RC Vehicle. we strongly reco…
  • Very nice project! Soon fleet management will be a huge industry on it's own, when drone services takes off. are also working on fleet management systems, as are DroneDeploy I believe. Watching this space closely!

  • guys,

    App is accessible from

    You need to be in beta testers group otherwise the link gives "not found" notification.



  • Hi Chris,

      Thanks you fo rthe feedback. Right now it is not open source, however I plan to share SDK library soon to develop applications that can make use of Andruav interconnectivity and communication features.

  • 3D Robotics

    Looks very cool! It is open source? I can't find a repository...

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