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APM 2.011 Beta released

3689395499?profile=originalAs part of the continuing APM 2.0 beta test program, we've released another package of updated APM software: New versions of the APM 2.0 beta code (2.01), Mission Planner (0.4.16) and HappyKillmore GCS (1.2.43).


Please upgrade your system to the latest code, which includes bug fixes, a few new features and improved stability. To be safe, load the code into Arduino and compile it as usual; the automatic firmware loading process may not always bring in the latest code during this beta testing period. [UPDATE; the Mission Planner will now load the latest firmware automatically, so no need to use Arduino or download the code yourself.]


New features include:

--More Action Commands implemented. 3689395418?profile=originalAs shown at right, we've added back some commands that you can issue in-flight via the HK GCS. More commands will be coming soon.

--More effecient memory handling allows APM to run MAVlink on Port 0 (USB) and Port 3 (Xbee) simultaneously without risk of memory overrun.

--Lots of improvement to the Mission Planner. Altitude in 3D waypoints should now be properly displayed.


Known issues:

--Some modes are not being reported correctly in HK GCS. Stabilize is being reported as "Guided", for example. We know how to fix this and it will be right in the next build.

--Writing waypoints via MAVLink in the Mission Planner is still sometimes unreliable. If you're having trouble, close it and reopen and try again.

--Vehicle Number is still being reported as 7, rather than 1. We'll fix that in the next build.


We'll be releasing new code each week for the duration of the beta test process. Expect a final Release Candidate by mid-April. As always, keep the bug reports and other feedback coming! (Bug reports to the Issue Tracker, please)







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  • Hello Doug,

    I installed APM 2.012 and after the reset I received this message: "EEPROM format version 2 not compatible with this firmware (requires 2)". Is it normal?

  • I've had good success with the autopilot. Uploading waypoints works but i'm not sure it is changing the loiter and way point radius.


    One issue I have is that I would like it to repeat the set of waypoints instead of resetting them therefore I  change the code so that it will return to waypoint 1 instead of RTL under commands.


    I don't see any reason this shouldn't work, but wanted to get some feedback before I try to fly in case I have over looked something. 


     if (g.waypoint_index == g.waypoint_total) {
            g.waypoint_index = 1;



  • Luca,
    That is a problem in 2.011. It's fixed on the trunk on SVN, so I assume it's fixed in 2.012 beta, which is just out.
  • Sorry, my last question was for Doug...

    Frank, I don't think it's correct loitering if the last WP is "land". I tried (HIL) the last release and now it seems work correctly, it glides to the land point! I still have some problem to upload WP. I don't receive any error writing them but, sometimes, if I read them from the Eeprom one or more WP are in antarctic!
  • In V1 the plane will takeoff on the Takeoff_WP. in V2 it will ride to the TakeOff WP and then ride to the next.

    Correct if the last WP is Land it will loiter.


  • Frank,


       I had very good flights and landings with APM 1.x, now with 2.x, for example, in a 10 wp mission when the plane reach the wp #9 (wp #10 can be a land command or a normal wp) jumps directly to loiter on home.

    I'll try to workaround the problem inserting the land before the last wp.


    Thanks again for your great work!



  • Hi All

    My 2.4G xbees work perfectly on APM1 and APM1.02, but when i load any version of APM2 then i don't get any communication through the Xbee's. Xbee range test in X-CTU times out and as soon as i go back to APM1.02 then telemetry is all fine, ground stations work, ardu station works, range test in X-CTU is Perfect.

    Can anyone tell me if it is something in the apm2.0?


    Thanks all.


  • Developer

    Frank, Luca,


    Some more specific info would be helpful.  Takeoff and landing are both still supported the same as 1.0.  What is not working for you?


  • I've the same landing problem with 2.011. I've also difficulties to upload waypoint from the mission planner (USB), sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't


  • I dont get the Take Off and Land not working, it did in V1.x

    Is there something different to do?


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