ArduBalance sneak preview

I've been wanting to build a balance bot for ages and I finally have to time to make one. ArduBalance leverages the existing code base of ArduCopter to produce a simple autonomous balancing robot. Features include:

• GPS, opt_flow, and dead-reckoning

• Ardupilot mission scripting

• Full RC control

• Heading hold

• Position hold

• Stabilization, RTL, AUTO, GUIDED, FBW modes

• Mavlink 1.0 support

• APM1 and APM2 support


I'm still in the very early stages of development (this video is literally the first RC controlled run), but most of the feature have been ported from ArduCopter already. This project is closed source for now until development settles down.

The current version is an inverted foam core T, but this will evolve to something much more interesting.


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  • Moderator

    I'm ready to help with AP32 .. we're ready to work on prototype :)

  • Nice.

  • You scratch up her cabinets or range and she is going to drop kick that bot... :)

    Neat demo, thanks for sharing!

  • Jason:

    Wow! Are you sure there isn't an invisible training wheel on there? It looks so stable!
  • Developer

    They are brushed DC motors I found online. 


  • Are you just using servos with the pots removed for the motors?

  • Developer

    It can go over 1 inch bumps, but isn't so robust that it won't tip over if it hits at the wrong angle. I've been hitting bumps fast but leaning back as I hit them and it pops right over. I'm sure it could survive ramps, but it can't balance in the air, ironically.


  • Jason, that's amazing!  What are you using for the motors?

    I'm simply stunned at how robust the balancing is.  Crashing into things, no problem.  Fast starts and stops...

    Maybe one day my dream of a life-size ArduR2D2 will be possible!  Now just to find the body to put it in...

  • That's awesome! Love how you describe it as 'simple' and then give an awesome feature list. 

    I'd love to see the source for this one day. Can it go up and down slopes as well?

    Good luck with the rest of the development!

  • Distributor

    Wow I want one! this is a great project to reuse the old APM1 1280 that I have around. 

    Will it fit in it? 

    Looking good Jason! and this one when it crash will not break in pieces like a copter! 

    this is more fun to me than the rover as this is perfect for around the house to have some fun. 

    Let's create a mode for "cat chasing" hehe

    Post some close up pictures! 


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