Here a video of a long duration LOITER (GPS position Hold) with my QRO quadcopter piloted by the ArduMega v2 board and the firmware ArduCopter v2.2 B4xp1 (with JLN mod). The flight is very stable and secure.



Avionic setup: ArduPilot Mega v2,  firmware Arducopter V2.2 B4xp1

Receiver: Turnigy 9X8C v2, Transmitter: Turnigy 9x, c 5V @ 5A Turnigy

Quacopter frame: DJI Flame Wheel F450

Hardware Setup: 4 brushless motors RC Timer BC-2836/11 (750 KV), 2 CW propellers  12 x 4.5, 2 CCW propellers 12 x 4.5, 4 ESC 40A RC Timer speed controllers, one Lipo battery 3S Turnigy Nano-Tech 2200 mAh

Take Off Weight (TOW): 1088 g without payload, Flight time: about 10 min


More infos at:


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  • hey brother can u tell me what is the max speed of ur motor after u added ur own battery to ur quad???????????

  • Developer

    Here a rough calculation:

    Take the TOW (Take Of Weight in Kg) including the payload, for a quadcopter, the Total Power Requirement (TPR) is:

    TPR = TOW * 800 Watts/kg , so, for a quad,  this give for each motor,

    the Motor Power Requirement : MPR = TPR / 4

    i;e. for a quadcopter of 1 Kg (payload included), the TOW = 1 this gives a MPR = 1 * 800 / 4 = 200 Watts

    You need to use a low Kv brushless motor (about 550 to 700 Kv) with a big diameter propeller (i.e. 12 x 4.5) ..

    I hope that I have answered to your question...


  • Can u pls suggest some prop+motor combination if i need 800g payload?

  • Developer

    It is able to carry about 200g of payload without problem... May be more...

  • What is its Payload capacity?

  • But does it lean or not?

  • Developer

    The original and released ArduCopter v2.2 B4 firmware can be downloaded in the official ArduCopter page at:


  • Jean louis,

    Do you have the leaning issue?

  • Developer

    I have used an uBEC (5v) to power the APM so to get a separate source of voltage from the ESC for safety reasons. S,o I am able to tune quietly the APM with the ESC and the motor unpowered. I have also added a 4700µF / 16V  capacitor at one output of the 2.4Ghz Turnigy 9x8C receiver to prevent an eventual fatal reset of it during the flight.

  • I am finishing almoust identical setup, may i ask what the reason for the BEC is?

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