Arduino/AutoPilot based on UB32

Goals for this projectHave UBW32 on order, the next version has 128K of RAM so... that will be nice1) UBW32 Software porting- Use open source 4.4.x gcc compiler Gives better code generation then current 3.3.x- Follow the general setup an ARM process has... (more on this later)- Support C++, in order to support Wiring as is the AVR supports basic C++, so need to do this...- FreeRTOS port (This is done, but, using newer gcc- USB Host support- Support wifi USB dongle ( ordered dongle, it is a 1000mw 802.11b/g)- Support Ad-doc and infrastructure mode)- Video (USB) using off the self web camera- Support of Wiring- New boot loader based on LUFA ( also with mass storage device)- similar to, allows users to update firmware via mass storage...- once mode USB is working... need a way to switch between the two... OTG?- SPI SD flash support.2) Simple controller (more to follow)3) Lua scripting support (allows setting simple scripting without writing a bunch of c++/c code
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  • Can you tell me how? Yahoo blog is not available now. If it's not convenient to say here, you can reach me at  Thanks in advance.

  • I ported some of the PIC32 libraries and got most of the code running.  But, Microchip said I cannot distribute any of the code due to license issues.  So, I was going to redo this work, but said the heck with it.  I'm not please with Microchip at all for this. I got openOCD j-tag working etc.  But, I'm going for a more basic approach and use the beaglebone from TI....

  • Hi Tim, could you please tell me how to use CS with PIC32? Thanks.

  • Now have OpenOCD working with UBW, next is moving to a new boot loader LUFA and new linker files etc.
  • Yes/No, The first pass is to get a generic Host structure, then look at porting standard USB ethernet spec support over along with HID. Yes, this is a lot of work, but, low cost point for processor, say $40 off the self board, $40 for 1W 802.11bg usb dongle.

    The goal is to have a basic framework that can be used on any ARM/MIPS small host USB. And as time allows, could do a OTG...

    To make this easier just could use Microsofts open source microfamework, it already has support for host USB and I think a driver for USB etherent...
  •'re talking about writing drivers from scratch for usb hardware?
  • Finally got gcc 4.4.x tools working with PCIC32.. Next get C++ loading, then port the Arduino and FreeRTOS...
  • Yes, the ARM would be easier to start with. The LPC17xx is a great processor with the 16-bit A/D...
    But, the main reason of moving in this direction
    1) Memory, RAM. There is a new board coming out, with 128: of RAM, so about 30K more... the reason for more RAM is using a scripting language.... ie Lua (eLua) This will make possible to have debugging on the target. Wiring,,, is a high level that gets turned into C++, but my goal is get a stable package, drivers, basic processing loop and move to Lua for the rest....
    2) Host USB, one biggest goals is to have a "pluggable" Hardware using USB.... ie off the self, wifi and USB camera's.
    Yes, this is a BIG project.,... but... hope to learn as I go etc..
    Also... see if openOCD JTAG will work, so have the same debugging the low level code...
  • If you want to port the Ardupilot code or something similar, you should consider using something like these:

    This uses the stm32 arm7 processor. 90 MIPS! Is supposed to be an 'arduino' based on the stm32.

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