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A big code release tonight--this is the full setup that won the Sparkfun autonomous vehicle competition. Along with general improvements to the code, this is the entire package of autopilot, setup utility and ground station code. It's a full Unmanned Aerial System, not just a UAV! ArduPilot 2.1
  • All the features of ArduPilot 2.0 plus...
  • Supports XY sensor in diagonal postion
  • Requires Z sensor [UPDATE: FMA is no longer carrying those. While we sort out alternative sources, you can buy them from Dean Goedde for $40 (scroll down for price list)
  • Controls throttle if airspeed sensor is attached via the ArduPilot expansion board.
  • Supports desktop setup utility for waypoints and autopilot settings. (Waypoints are no longer manually entered in the code. They can only be entered with this utility.)
  • Last version of the code to support the original ATMega168-based board. Future versions will require the new ATMega328-based board.
  • Field setup procedures are here
  • Get it here
If you are using the expansion board and airspeed sensor, to control the throttle you must solder a wire from digital pin 8 to "MUX IN 3" Desktop setup utility

  • Add waypoints manually; utility displays them on Google Maps
  • Set max altitude, speed, circle radius
  • Set elevator, aileron/rudder trim
  • More features coming
  • Get it here ("ArduPilotConfigUtility")
When using this utility for the first time with ArduPilot, click Write before anything else in order to format the EEPROM. Also, ensure that the "Set RTS on close" box is checked in your serial port's advanced properties (control panel/device manager), as described in our Arduino debugging tips) Ground station

  • Requires free Labview runtime engine and serial drivers (install both. Note: if you've already installed Lego's Mindstorms NXT software you may find you've got a driver conflict, because it's based on LabView, too. Uninstall the Mindstorms software first.)
  • Works with Xbee wireless modules
  • Displays real-time attitude, speed, altitude, current waypoint, heading, distance to next waypoint, etc
  • Displays real time position on Google Earth
  • Get it here
  • Source code is here
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  • I also started playing around with this code to make it more modular. I used a basic framework that allows new components (VIs) to be added as needed. So far I put serial configuration and general properties in two separated PlugIns and the Graphical view as well as a tabular one in two other PlugIns. To switch from the different views, you use a tree control on the left. Here are some pictures.

  • I've built the groundstation in LV 8.6.1 on the Mac. I had to put a conditional disable structure around the Google earth launch code since it uses .NET to pass arguments and open up Google earth. That of course, doesn't work on the Mac. Looks like you have to manually open it up and point to the "NetworkLink.kml" file.

    How do I copy up this code and where?

  • Developer
    The new diagram is different, i will post the diagram later. (I'm in maker faire now).
  • [QUOTE]Just wondering, has anyone compiled the Utility or GCS for Mac OSX yet?
    I think tychoc was going to do it but have not heard back from him... [\QUOTE]

    Sorry, work caught up with me and I haven't had time to follow this site. I'll try to get to it this week. Where do I post the exe?

  • Thanks Tom. I guess what I was after was confirmation that rx channel 3 (throttle) connects to IN 3, and OUT 3 connects to the ESC throttle input. (I found some earlier discussion of this, in the link you sent, a little confusing.)
  • This diagram was posted earlier:
  • Link for assembly instructions on ArduPlot home page.


    Also, search for "ArduShield" in search box above and you get a tutorial.
  • Has there been published a connection diagram for V2.1 with the airspeed sensor implemented and throttle control?

  • Thanx Mark.
  • Developer
    I will try to get LabView for Mac at a trade show on June 2nd, I used it in the late 80s on a mac plus. My G4-PowerBook may be a little weak for it.
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