China Telecom joins Huawei to complete flight test of 5G UAV

China Telecom joins Huawei to complete flight test of 5G UAV Recently, China Telecom and Huawei companies in Shenzhen to complete the 5G unmanned aerial vehicle test and patrol business demonstration. This is the first in China based on End-to-end 5G network of professional unmanned aerial vehicle test flight, the successful implementation of the UAV 360-degree panoramic 4K high-definition video real-time 5G network transmission.

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The remote control personnel obtains the first visual angle VR experience, through the millisecond low time delay 5G Network, carries on the unmanned aerial vehicle long distance agile controls, completes the patrol task efficiently. As a high quality automatic flight platform, UAV has been widely applied in the field of digital vertical industry.

Real-time aerial shooting, automated unmanned patrol, rapid logistics transportation, efficient field spraying, accurate laser mapping, mobile facial recognition security and other unmanned aerial vehicle applications, will be to the Over-the-horizon remote control, real-time image cloud processing, high-definition video streaming ability to put forward new requirements to promote the UAV and mobile network in-depth integration.
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Picture Source Network With the combination of UAV and industry, the bandwidth and delay of mobile network are more and more high. In particular, surveying, inspection, public security and other fields, industry customers are eager to verify the 5G network of unmanned aerial vehicle application support capabilities.

China Telecom and Huawei, based on 5G commercial miniaturized CPE terminals for UAV Air data transmission, successfully solved the industry application early verification problems. The application of 5G key technologies and innovative product forms to digital low altitude coverage is also a highlight of this joint demonstration. Shenzhen 5G Experimental Project uses the Huawei Active feed system (antenna to the surrounding space radiation electromagnetic wave), in the enhancement of the existing horizontal area coverage capacity, while increasing the capacity of vertical space and coverage. Flexible beam scanning and beam layering to meet diverse scene coverage requirements. On the one hand, effectively improve the urban high-rise coverage and business experience, on the other hand, can build a high and reliable high-performance wide coverage of low altitude network, explore the feasibility of industry applications.

The former mobile network is based on "people" as the main ground cover, 5G network will be expanded from "people" to "objects" of the three-dimensional cover of the sky, to achieve low altitude digitization, promote the improvement of unmanned aircraft supervision, accelerate the application of the UAV Innovation and development. China Telecom as the world's leading operators, the active layout of 5G standards, technology research and development, as well as pilot verification, took the lead in Lanzhou, Chengdu, Shenzhen, Xiong, Suzhou, Shanghai and other 6 cities to start 5G innovation Model network. From October 2017 onwards, successively in Shenzhen and other cities opened 5G base station, marking 5G pilot work into a new stage. 2018 China Telecom will continue to work with partners to build 5G Eco-circle, in-depth implementation of the 5G test and pilot works, the construction of 5G scale test network. In drones, automatic driving, precision positioning, venue VR and so on 5 G innovative application areas to further explore, promote the 5G and government affairs, medical, education, industry, finance and other fields of the integration of industrial applications to promote intelligent government affairs, the establishment of intelligent community building, to build intelligent eco-tourism, implementation of "information driven industrialization

To industrialization to promote information ", to help" Internet + "," China made 2025. " Huawei will help China Telecom to continue to build Shenzhen 5G Innovation Model Network, in key areas to form a continuous coverage, research how to reasonably use 4G have network resources, give full play to 5G advantage, low-cost, efficient network, in ensuring business capabilities and user perceptions based on the realization of network investment and value maximization. 5G low delay, large bandwidth, large connectivity capabilities, will be better to enable vertical industry digital applications. Around the 5G Cross-sectoral Synergy, the two sides will be joint industrial chain partners, for automatic driving, smart grid, telemedicine and other aspects of in-depth cooperation and research, to carry out the 5G commercial scene innovation practice, and continue to promote 5G mature business, together to create a new starting point for Shenzhen techcity, to promote digital economic prosperity.

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