Custom Wireless tracking system

I've came up with a customized development of a battery tracking system.

it is a kind of telemetry that will report voltages, temperatures and more data in the future.



my goals were:

  • to be able to set the alarm at different voltages (sometimes 3.0v/cell, sometimes 3.3v)
  • to be able to use a variety of batteries - different voltages.
  • to be able to report that the signal is lost, - extremely important
  • long range and high reliability -still to be improved:
    the "smart" modem modules are on the way - should do ~1km




Ground tracking unit (RX)




Air tracking TX (on vehicle):






welcome to comment !




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  • yes i'm aware.


    generally it should be part of  the big ground station, for an APM copter,

    but i want to be able to use it for other planes that dont have autopilot.


    i dont feel like re-inventing the wheel,

    just doing it my own way for maximum flexibility....

  • AR, are you farmiliar with the ArduStation? I hate for you to re-invent the wheel...but maybe your intent is to use this on a plane without an ArduPilot or Mega


  • Nice nice!! excellent, Suscribed!
  • Wow,

    that's a really great Idea. Good work.

    Please give us a more details...

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