We started to make a lightweight, high performance, long endurance UAV airplane for multiple purposes. The features will be, live monitoring, 3D aerial mapping, thermal monitoring ect. To make an extra challenge for our self we planned to  make the air plane weight less than 1 kg and see how quickly we can make the plane.

3D print is that it allows us to print very complex, light weight structures for high performance by just printing the part in one piece.

DAS Lab ( Danish Aviation Systems) testing 3D printed professional airplane . SWIFT

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  • weight  is not twice than must be. it is actually quite light to test and it is quite strong. final version will be carbon composit.  without adding payload, 3d printed airframe and required electronics is less than  max gross weight what it calculated to be, 

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    Sorry again...

    How you test airplane characteristic, when it's weight twice than must be?

  • Vladimir "Lazy" Khudyakov to test the airplane caractheristics, and also to test inside the wind tunnel. 

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    Sorry, prototype for?

    Payload placement? Or for what?

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    I ( but not only ) know more than one building technic, not onl;y ribs and spars. Composite sanwiches, for example. Styrofoam core with glass or carbon fiber skin. 

    430 g for airframe 800 mm span? It's overkill.


  • Vladimir "Lazy" Khudyakov   it means by traditional method, first inner structure shuld be constructed , and then covering,  but by printing technology all structure printed as one pice.

  •  manu :   We printed by laser 3d printing technology at "Shapeway" , material we used "stron & flexible", it is quite strong and airframe weight is around 430 gram

    assemble mechanisim by carbon tubes and screaws to fasten.

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    Copy of Wasp AE.

    This is very hard to do with traditional airplane manufacturing technique without adding extra weight and cannot be done in one piece but only by parts

    Sure? :))))

  • Do you use FFF?
    What material?
    How are the different pieces assembled? (glue, fasteners, welding, ...)

  • Awesome to hear!! Email has been sent. We are extremely excited in working with you folks!
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