A hybrid drone attachment which can pick up, transport, and manipulate objects as well as adaptive land on uneven terrain.

Key advantages
Manipulation Mode:

- Delta-robot like 3DOF manipulation
- Precise and fast manipulation
- Low moving masses, less disturbance of rotorcraft flight behavior

Compact Flight Mode (retracted landing gear):
- Low Energy consumption due to deactivated actuators
- Masses closest to rotorcraft for best maneuverability
- Best Aerodynamic Characteristics
- Smallest geometrical food-print

Adaptive Landing Mode:
- Adaption to uneven surface
- Stabile tripod geometry
- Low energy consumption due to deactivated actuators (when landing position is reached)
- Dampening of legs can be used to absorb impact energy


- Inspection  - Delivery - Agriculture - Construction - Mining - Maintenance - Search and Rescue - Military...

Please reach out if you have interest or potential application ideas for this system.
Thank you!

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