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  • Thanks for the comments. Procaster display has a T-slot on the back of the display, where they mount part slides and locks with a single screw. Procaster might be own product of finnish electronics retailer It's dirt cheat, but has a poor resolution so this mentioned Vizio/Foxtech might be better.

  • Here is my setup:




  • Nice, that looks great!

    Guys, you can get a really nice FPV monitor at  I have the 7" and it works great.  Really bright, with a matte screen, no BSOD.

  • Hi, This is a truly great FPV device.

    I have an Aurora 9 and would like to have one these myself if I could get ahold of the display you have it mounted to or if it would adapt to ones that are available in the US.

    The 7″ LED back-lit Vizio we have here in the US looks nothing like the one you have.

    I’d appreciate it if you could list a source that would provide US availability for this monitor.

    Does the back mounting plate actually slide into some sort of mating slot on the monitor you are using?

    In any case, are you thinking of making the mounts for sale, and if so how much?

    Really nice part.

  • Thanks for posting!  I have been toying around this same idea for a while for my backpack FPV setup.  This will be perfect

  • Nice! Where can we buy this Procaster DTV-007?

    I run into sites from Finland when I search, nothing on Ebay. Any ideas? Thanks!

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