The System is out there quite a while, and im curious why there is no discussion about it on the Forums.

It seems like nobody noticed the advantages of the DragonLink V3. 

Looks like it solves the range problems of a conventional Radio Control as well as the issues of the 3DR telemetry radios for long range.

And for a two in one system the price gets a lot more attractive compared to a seperate LR-System and 3DR telemetry radios and improved antennas. Im not even sure if its possible to get out to 40km with the 3DR radios.

To be honest i anticipated a little hype about this system when i read its description. 

Am i missing something important?  How about the latency?

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  • Good but too much expensive, see this one its open source, RC+Telemetry 40km

  • I have the dragonlink advanced system as well as a few Ultimate LRS modules. The difference right now is that the Dragonlink system does not send full mavlink telemetry. It will only provide GPS coordinates and a few other items at the moment. The DL team are still developing the firmware to allow full telemetry, but they claim that they do not have the bandwidth at the moment.

    However, the ULRS system does provide long range RC control and full telemetry, but at a cost of sometimes buggy firmware. Also, the Hobbyking 1W LRS modules must be modified to provide full power.

    Both systems have great potential, but neither system seems fully baked quite yet.

  • Can anybody tell something about the latency of a LRS when sending a PPM stream as well as mavlink data?

  • It shouldn`t with a well configured Ardupilot system...

  • Problem with DL is it uses (and can only use) ATV band frequencies.  So when some ham flips on his 100W video transmitter your plane is toast.


    Been using it for years, it's the best system for long range flying. I've tested it over 50 kilometres.

    It's instant :-) and support it amazing. 2 thumbs up for Dragon Link :-)

  • Well thank you for the info. I missed the whole open source Transmitter stuff somehow.

    How about the latency of such a system, PPM stream as well as mavlink data?

    I like the neat package of the DL, I am building a ground control station in a Peli 1500 Case at the moment and the DL could really help to simplify stuff a bit. Only one Antenna and the posibillity to combine Channels out of Different PPM Streams. For instance a conventional RC outside of the GCS and an internal Joystick to control the camera.

    Your right with the LOS restrictions Andreas,but those are the things i like about a combined LRS and Telemetry. The extended Range is the other benefit.

    I guess you can do similar things with the openLRS.

  • Andreas, we recently have limitations this year but I still prefer for security, I'm not shure if now I pay the extra price but I have it for some years now.

  • Check dtfuhf gear with gitsly brunch of openlrsng for about half the price or 2xHK orange modules with ultimate LRS firmware, people love it for only 1/4 of the price :) 

  • Didn`t most western countries limit flying to LOS anyway? What`s the point of 40km range and penetration?

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