The System is out there quite a while, and im curious why there is no discussion about it on the Forums.

It seems like nobody noticed the advantages of the DragonLink V3. 

Looks like it solves the range problems of a conventional Radio Control as well as the issues of the 3DR telemetry radios for long range.

And for a two in one system the price gets a lot more attractive compared to a seperate LR-System and 3DR telemetry radios and improved antennas. Im not even sure if its possible to get out to 40km with the 3DR radios.

To be honest i anticipated a little hype about this system when i read its description. 

Am i missing something important?  How about the latency?

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  • Can I install Dragonlink in a single 3DR dron?
    Thank you

  • Actually after figuring out where to look it is my opinion that the documentation is very good. I have the V3 and initially I was searching through tons of forum posts until I finally realized that on the dragonlink website under support is the most complete and accurate information I was looking for all along. Especially when you download the software which comes with documentation.

    Some things may not be in there for every different setup or possible uses for the different features. That's where you can seek help for certain setups.
  • Dragonlink documentation is inadequate. Good folks and good hardware but seriously the documentation dept is seriously lacking. That 3000 page thread on RCgroups is an abomination. It would be acceptable if the first few pages were kept up-to-date. It is fine for an Open Source project but when you have paid over $300 for the kit you really should have adequate documentation.

  • Question about the DL expansion port.

    I am thinking that my Controller, TH-9X with DJT FrSky module which has telemetry to the controller display can display telemetry from the DL TX expansion port.

    Anybody have this hooked up?

  • Thanks a million. I knew it would work somehow.

  • well it does work! i am using Dragonlink V3 in combination with missionplanner for quite a while now.

    They really managed to push all the features of Missionplanner trough their long range connection as they promised. You are able to change params in flight or use Guided mode to pilot your MAV...

    I have to admitt tough the setup information is kind of hidden and spread all over the webiste. Sometimes part of the Information is not even online on their website.

    But with a little YT search you could have found this Video wich shows the setup process step by step very well.

    Part1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vygpjQaycIc

    Part2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GIQ75zbBAdA

    I would really like to see Dragonlink to improve the documentation on their products.

  • That's what I have found so far. Lot of posts claiming there are massive information on DL but I have yet to see any details about how to set it up.

    I hate guessing but unless you have weeks, months, and years to dig through all the posts everywhere it appears that there are no instructions. You would think when the receiver is connected to send telemetry it would just do so but I think it's only gps data from all the posts I've managed to see so if that's it then you still need another telemetry setup rendering that feature virtually useless in the DL. Some videos seem to elude to some other form of telemetry but it's mostly double talk about it and move on to something else. No specific information that I've seen anywhere. I guess I'll keep looking for a couple of more weeks before moving on to another system.

    In the instructions they do provide they basically tell you to set it up out of the vehicle with only one servo and power. Basically dumbed down to the point of embarrassment.

    Hopefully someone has done it if it's possible and may be able to provide some instruction. The lack of this tells me it does not work. Sorry.

  • Daniel, Sorry for the late reply but anyway: There is a massive amount of information on this on the dedicated DragonLink thread at RCGroups.com and a very helpful and responsive forum

  • HELP, Hi I just bought a dragonlink to accompany my apm. Does anyone have proper documentation on how to connect the apm bidirectional data to the dragonlink? Google? Tried it. Dragonlink support? One line answers, no pics or posts. I'll be forced to return it if I cant get the darn thing to transmit data.

    What I do have working:

    R/C connection from the dragonlink transmitter - to the dragonlink reciever - to the apm using ppm

    Bluetooth connection from the dragonlink transmitter - to my nexus 7 - to droid planner



  • I am using ULRS, its working fine 

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