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From the IndieGogo project, which has already passed its $3,500 goal:

DroneShield: A low-cost, easy-to-use device that alerts you to nearby drones.

DroneShield is a device that detects the presence of nearby drones (including RC helicopters, quadrotors, etc) and issues alerts via email, sms, and/or a flashing light. The goal is to help preserve your privacy from low-cost remote-control air vehicles with video cameras.

The DroneShield team consists of makers, engineers, and developers collaborating on a device that can detect small drones well before you can hear them. We have a collaboration website atwww.droneshield.org with links to free software and hardware specifications. Free software and hardware specifications are free to download for do-it-yourself-ers. We also sell assembled devices at-cost.

How Does It Work?

DroneShield has a microphone that listens for sounds of drones. Each DroneShield contains a database of common drone acoustic signatures to reduce false alarms (IE ignores lawn mowers and leaf blowers) and in many cases the type of drone is also included in the alert.

Technical Specifications

Our initial target platform is the Raspberry Pi. Other components include a microphone, power supply plugs (also works with a micro-USB battery pack, not included). Wifi connectivity is required for email and SMS alerts. Signature database updates can be downloaded and updated via the RPi SD card.

What’s the Plan?

The goal of this campaign is to create a low-cost device that will help protect privacy against RC helicopters with video cameras; we already have a working prototype running on a laptop. This campaign will port that code to a small low-cost hardware platform that you can plug in and forget about. If you like you can periodically update the signatures of the drones we scan for, or even contribute your own signatures to the database.

Our goal is to port our existing code and database to the Raspberry Pi platform and bundle that with peripherals into a stand-alone product that can be operational right out of the box with absolutely no technical knowledge needed. The funds will be used to buy hardware in bulk (reducing prices) and the developers will donate their time to assemble the hardware and port the code. 50 units are needed to get the first price break in bulk discounts for many of our components.

We hope that there will be enough interest to justify further development to reduce costs in future generations; we believe ultimately we could get the cost down to the $20-range at scale. Future plans could include moving to an open-source 'sourceforge' type development environment and teaming with 3rd party hardware makers.  We could also envision a smart-phone based platform for portable applications.


Our team has over 20 years of combined experience working on science and engineering projects including machine learning and acoustic signal processing. We have advanced degrees in engineering and computer science, including MIT and UMD graduates, and a proven track record of finishing projects on time and within budget for our customers.

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  • I don’t need a drone detector; I have already one build in, my ears and brain.  ;-))

    I can easily distinguish between a RC Helicopter, a Quad or a lawnmower myself by analysing the direction and footprint or the sound.

  • Moderator

    Its deja vu all over again Jack

  • Forget refinancing toaster ovens.  The next economic boom is raspberry pi drone detectors.

  • Admin

    @ SaadTiwana

    + 1 ,  Also how would you get "Drone signatures "?  Are we talking about predator and commercial UAV's signature?

    or Diy UAV's , if so  how and where would you find so called audio signatures for this dronesheild to work!!  , Almost every Diy UAV would be different motor or spec and so the audio signature might be different. Sorry , don't expect diy UAV guys to submit their  " Drone " signature to the data base for this shield to work.

       Sorry I don't get the real idea or motivation behind this.  As some one said the only use will by drug lords , terrorist in some area where Gov use drones for surveillance and these guys may find use for such thing. Hope the mic in this shield is really good cos most of the commercial drones fly lot higher than you can see let alone hear them.  !!

  • This will go well with my homeopathy and James McCormick Bomb Detector. While I applaud the out of box thinking, the idea has to actually work to be a good idea.

  • Admin

    Here was the initial blog post: http://www.diydrones.com/profiles/blogs/droneshield-raspberry-pi-po...



  • Why not just use a smartphone instead (assuming a drone detector is really required). It already has the required hardware (mainly a microphone) and more processing capacity than a RPi.

  • Even selling a product like this is ridiculous and kind of creates more fear. I'm afraid that if people see this product available they think they might have some use for it. But really, who is it for? Drug lords who have a large cannabis plantation that want a drone detection perimiter?

    Also "You must contribute to a campaign to make a public comment" is kind of stupid.

  • I don't get it. You are alerted and then what? Put your clothes on and stop sun bathing?

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