Full autonomous UAV flight with the ArduPilot/IMU on Cularis from Jean-Louis Naudin on Vimeo.

Total mission distance 2.3 km with 5 waypoints.


- Electric Glider: Cularis from Multiplex

- ArduPilot firmware v2.7.4 JLN

- ArduIMU v1.6

- GPS Ublox

- Shield v2

- Battery: Lipo 3S1P 2500 mAh

- Engine: Brushless motor: Spitz 45

- Camera: Kodak ZX1 HD
by Jean-Louis Naudin on October 2010

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  • Developer

    Above, the tested SAR pattern used as the flight plan
    The video has been take by the 2nd camera placed below the wing and oriented towards the ground

  • Developer

    Search And Rescue (SAR) mission UAV with Ardupilot/IMU by Jean-Loui... from Jean-Louis Naudin on Vimeo.

    Here a new video of a SAR mission type with the UAV Cularis, the on board video has been taken with the 2nd camera pointed towards the ground
    Mission profile: Do Search And Rescue (SAR) pattern with a Cularis (electric glider) used as an UAV.
    Flight plan: 8 waypoints, total mission distance 3,151 km
    Autopilot: ArduPilot v2.7.4a JLN, ArduIMU v1.6, shield v2
    GPS: Ublox 5
    Engine: Brushless Spitz 45, ESC 45A
    Battery: Lipo 3S1P 2500 mAh
    Flight camera : Kodak ZX1 HD
    Ground camera: Day vision or FLIR camera
    RealTime telemetry with ArduStation and GCS protocol
    by Jean-Louis Naudin - October 2010
  • Developer
    I went through the code. I would download the latest from the SVN and do a diff to get the most recent bug fixes I added since you forked your version.
  • Developer
    Hello Jason, the full source of the firmware (with the good PIDs gains) that I have used with my Cularis can be downloaded HERE
  • Developer
    Jean-louis, It would be great to have a link to your source code. Nice work, Thanks!
  • I love, and I hope to do the same thing this winter with a Easyglider.
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