There is a lot of catching up to get this listed so others can replicate what we are doing. We will be trying to add to and update this daily. Thank you for looking out for the project and if you would like to help in any way please feel free to give me a shout.



Icarus 3.0

A. Long Range >200 km

B. Long Endurance >180 minutes

C. Payload >6 kg

D. Custom Image Recognition Software

E. Fire and Forget autonomous mission from launch to recovery

F. TCP/IP Cloud Control for observation or control from anywhere in the world

G. Simultaneous Mission Capable

F. Fully 3D printed airframe


Ground Control Station

A. Single or Multiple Users

B. Cloud Capable

C. Permanent Station and Man Portable Solutions

D. Automatic Antenna Tracking

E. Satellite Communications

F. RTK GPS Centimeter Accurate Solution

G. Onboard HIL Simulation Training Support

H. Swarm Control