On February 25, the Drone Department of Hefei University of Technology carried anti-epidemic drones to urgently support the prevention and control of the streets of Dachengkou, Jingkou District, Zhenjiang City, Jiangsu Province. This support activity by Hefei University of Technology, Professor Zulei team joint cooperation unit Zhenjiang City Jingzhou Technology Co., Ltd. jointly carried out, Hegong University Zulei team actively volunteer to support the community first-line prevention and control work, donated 200 medical masks, 60 barrels of disinfectant and several boxes of food materials to support the anti-epidemic prevention and control work in Jingkou District, Zhenjiang City.China


In this support volunteer activities, by the Hegong University Drone Department sent professionals, and provide anti-epidemic drone products into the first-line card port prevention and control support work, anti-epidemic drones in the control card, outdoor key places to carry out high-altitude shouting, illegal vehicle identification, mobile personnel target identification and other voluntary service work.


This sudden new crown epidemic, the epidemic prevention and control work has posed a huge challenge. According to the characteristics of the outbreak and non-contact requirements, many drones on the market are short-lived, low-load, epidemic prevention load is small,

5334387261?profile=original can not directly meet the requirements of the use of epidemic prevention, Hefei University of Technology Professor Zu Lei guide the UAV Department of emergency research and development, the development of the epidemic requirements required for the heavy-duty long-range anti-epidemic drones and 4G ultra-remote wireless shouting devices, Automatic disinfection and spraying module and other task carriers, to meet the first-line port flow control, epidemic prevention and disinfection spraying tasks required.


With the joint participation of Hefei University of Technology, Jingkou District, Zhenjiang City, Jingzhou Technology Co., Ltd., this volunteer support service was successfully completed, and the support service was highly affirmed by community leaders. Hefei University of Technology, together with Zhenjiang Jingzhou Technology Co., Ltd., will continue to contribute to the prevention of disease in Zhenjiang City.


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