New hexa- / octocopter carbon monocoque frames


I'd like to introduce you our new frames .. 
we have launch our brand new carbon fibre hexacopter and octocopter. 

FC6-900 - hexacopter, carbon monocoque , 900mm diameter , pluggable arms, dust- and rain proofed, weight without battery 1800g. max battery inside carbon monocoque 6s - 10.000 mah. 
flighttime with max. take of weight 5kg. - around 30 min!

FC8-1200 - octocopter, ( also available as x8 ) carbon monocoque, 1200mm diameter, pluggable , dust- and rain proofed, weight without battery 2600g
max battery inside carbon monocoque : 2 x 6s - 10.000 mah 
flighttime with take of weight 8000g, around 20 min.





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  • hexacopter - only frame - : 2499 €, excl. vat 

    octocopter - only frame - 3199€ excl. vat. 

    It includes motor and pulp

  • Two achilles heels in monocoques (and yes we do sell one, so we do know): Thermal build up and radio absorption.

    Yeah, I could see how what looks like the non CF top would be ok for GPS, but for RC, VTx and telemetry, antennas would somehow need to be placed on the outside. Possible problem also for the baro if there isn't any  air pressure equalization ...

  • Very pretty hand laid CF multi copter frame.

    There were some even more expensive similar frames introduced here (and elsewhere) a few years ago.

    Probably makes sense for some pro uses, but mishaps are going to be very expensive and in spite of solid design, and clever removable arms, the central (expensive) pod still seems extremely vulnerable in the event of a crash.

    And the comment about heat sinking the ESCs being secret is utter nonsense, especially when they are selling frame only and you will have to mount your own components anyway.

    The fact is though a lot of commercial non-open products are introduced here and this is a novel and very well made design so I for one am very happy to see it here, it definitely kicks things up a notch.

    Best regards,


  • This looks amazing.
  • @euan I reckon ESCs are on the aluminum motor pods.Not sure why that would be a secret. I would have thought these features would be part of the marketing anyway.

    Nonetheless, lovely looking frame. Price seems in line with the very exotic formed carbon fiber frame.
  • I am sorry  some of the technical Details are our secret 

  • Btw - how are you managing the thermal load of the 6 ESC's, FC, BEC's, VTX and battery? I can't see any heatsinks on yours (Ours are built into the leg mounts).

  • Eye watering ... And the detachable  arms are a major plus ...

    Would be nice if you could provide English subtitles  in your youtube videos ...   ;) and more details on the arms/center plate electrical connections.

  • yes, a lot of details, a lot high quality, and no cheap materials. 
    eveything rock solid. and a lot of excelent details. 

    but not for everyone, yes that is true !

  • EEK!  Lovely, very lovely but yegods that's expensive.  If you ever have a 95% sale let us know :)

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