New hexa- / octocopter carbon monocoque frames


I'd like to introduce you our new frames .. 
we have launch our brand new carbon fibre hexacopter and octocopter. 

FC6-900 - hexacopter, carbon monocoque , 900mm diameter , pluggable arms, dust- and rain proofed, weight without battery 1800g. max battery inside carbon monocoque 6s - 10.000 mah. 
flighttime with max. take of weight 5kg. - around 30 min!

FC8-1200 - octocopter, ( also available as x8 ) carbon monocoque, 1200mm diameter, pluggable , dust- and rain proofed, weight without battery 2600g
max battery inside carbon monocoque : 2 x 6s - 10.000 mah 
flighttime with take of weight 8000g, around 20 min.





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  • hi folks, 

    thanks for your amazing comments. 
    we will updated our website - - at the moment to put some more details about our new  frames on it.

    you can buy  it here - the first batch will be ship in around 3 weeks. 
    but you must be hurry up!

    we have yet some special prices for limited time :

    hexacopter - only frame - : 2499 €, excl. vat 

    octocopter - only frame - 3199€ excl. vat. 

    everything is prepared - so you can build the uav in a very short time. 

    we only use high quality material from industry. 

    if you need further information, let me know!

  • hi ,

    you should leave some link to your website for the details of this new shape frame.

    or you might post some specification or introduction about this frame.

  • amazing! Ya, cost? When and where can I buy one?

  • Is it available? Cost?

  • Very Beautiful engineering!

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