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  • Are you involved in this Marco? Or just posting the link?

  • I noticed that the Lily still has open frame motors, so water / silt / sand / etc can still get in the motor housing (and bearings).

    And I suspect a marine (salt water) environment would still also be a challenge.

    More water resistant than waterproof, I think.

    Really water proof and marine environment capable is still a major challenge and as long as they use shielded but not sealed bearings in the motors, not one anybody is really going to do well at for the time being.

    I also agree that the camera shots shown seem much more likely to have come from a gimbaled copter than from Liliy.

    The Bebop is state of the art for hard mounted cameras with very fancy digital over-sampled (and over sized frame) stabilization and it isn't that good.

    In particular copter roll motions induce camera motion rotating around it's lens center and that is very difficult to compensate for internally in the camera and produces significant artifacts.

    The copter photos and video seem very polished, but I am skeptical Lily will live up to the standard it has supposedly set.

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  • If your got nanna cracking out a selfie you`ve won me.

  • How does Lily land in your hand without mauling the operator?

  • GJ!

    After how many years DJI and 3DR will realize that drones it is necessary to do waterproof? lol

  • Another improbable kickstarter hazy on specificS unless the creators wish to come on here and offer some.
  • If it wasn't for you, Marco, posting this, I would dismiss this immediately: the image we get does not come from 'Lily', but from a gimballed platform. Clever shots, never an operator seen anywhere. Have they already achieved better digital stabilization than the Parrot's Bebop, and shot the video as is? Would be good to tell the truth to people before! Seems like it's always the same commercial strategy...

  • Here's another ad I saw in 1965.


  • Other interesting question: did you actually use the lily for the shots, or did you use an alternate drone?  I don't see a gimbal?

  • Very interesting! Let me be the first to ask what flight controller are you using?

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