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  • It's just a name, no acronym.

    Besides being the aperture of the eye or camera, Iris is a Greek messenger-goddess of the sky.

  • What does IRIS stand for again?

  • Zedtwitz,

    I've been flying Iris over the ocean, cliffs, and other unforgiving locations.. she has always come home safely at the end of the flight.

    It seems like you are embittered by the past, I'm sorry to see this. I, too, payed a price for being an early adopter in this outrageous proposition -- affordable open-source UAV technology available for hundreds of dollars instead of millions! Of course the road was rocky at times, but we are at the point now where this stuff just works, and it was really worth the struggle. You should come join the fun :-)

  • 3D Robotics

    Jason, the new PX4-based platform (name and specs to be announced soon) is the next-gen offering from 3DR/ETH. There are no immediate plans for an APM 3. 

  • Moderator

    Yes Jason , VRBrain is closer cousin and support all code available for apm2.5 in last revision or very near to last ... we need to check that all work fine also to 32 bit. We are very happy of last revision of code work fine and it's affordable. 

    About PX4 i think that main problem is switch to develop using OS and with advanced tools as Eclipse ecc . But there is a lot of advantages with this kind of tecnology. I hope that the developer able to support advanced 32 bti tecnology as VRBrain and PX4 will be a lot in the next future :)

    But i think that now is time to add an Application Processor on board with a lot of GHZ , memory and advanced resource ;)

    Could be nice news the next month.



  • Jason, PX4 is the inline development of APM2.5.  VRBrain is a close cousin.  

    I think a big part of the reason you haven't seen a lot of activity on PX4 is simply because most of the developers have still been concentrating on maximizing performance of the APM2.5.  Developing something that we can stand behind and say "it's done" before we move on to add new features that will be PX4.  We're pretty much there now, because APM2.5 is performing so well, and we're also out of code space.  So I think in the near future, you'll see more PX4 activity.

    I know for myself, I've pretty much run out of ideas for what I can do on APM2.5.  We already have some features that have been developed (Piro-Comp and Cross-Coupling developed by Joly) that just will not run on APM safely.  I'm just waiting for a PX4 to arrive before continuing work.

  • Moderator

    Chris if you need help for your teaser VR Media is available ... this is an example of what we can doing :)



  • Am I missing something as most of the post/videos Ive seen on the next gen FC has been based on the VRBrain system with little to none anywhere on the PX4, I base my next purchases on youtube/vimeo/forum/diydrone feedback/marketing, so is the PX4 the APM3? is there a recent roadmap on hardware? Just want to make the best informed decision looking for the next option from APM2.5

  • MR60

    Nice. make this an Octo or X8 version of this for heavier payload, i.e. a plug n play brushless gimbal for gopro or NEX type cameras and you've got me a buyer.

    If you provide an all in one solution , preconfigured with the right brushless gimbal PIDs for predefined cameras, you will have a killer.

  • This footage was shot with our new 2-axis gimbal (roll-tilt), the tilt axis can be directed. The gimbal mounts to the belly, and longer legs provide clearance.

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