A video showing 3D models made with images from a Go Pro camera mounted on a DJI Phantom. Photos were uploaded to Autodesk's Photo on Recap 360, and the cloud service automatically created accurate 3D models and point clouds with textures. The basic process: 

  1. Set the Go Pro Camera to timelapse photo mode
  2. Fly around the object to get pictures from different angles (every 5-10 degrees). 
  3. Select the best photos (up to 250)
  4. Upload the photos to Autodesk's Recap360
  5. Download your model! 
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  • Hein du Plessis You dont just convert JPGs. All the rendering must be done via ReCap 360 cloud service. There is no option to do it on your computer, once your project rendered, you can download OBJ or RCP files to your computer to work with ReCap 360 software on your computer.

  • No we just walked through the tunnel with the camera.

  • Does anyone know how they got the internal tunnel images?  Did they fly the copter inside?

  • 100KM

    Has anyone tried the desktop app? I have many more images for the area I'm trying to model, but I don't know how to turn my jpgs into one of the file formats recap 360 desktop requires (rcs, fls, fws, pts) etc. Can anyone help?

  • Those are nice models in the video. Has anyone here made their own yet?

  • You could make some amazing gaming maps

  • Moderator

    It will end up playing catch up to Tango

  • Developer
    You get a month free and its $55 annually. I don't think selling your data is the business model here. See http://www.autodesk.com/store/recap-360
  • This looks really cool.  But I'm trying to understand what exactly is the difference between the free and paid versions.  Then there's ReCap and ReCap360.  I've read what's posted on the side, but can't make much out of it.  Can anybody break it down?

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