MinimOSD meets ArduCAM OSD Config

3689445393?profile=originalWe know you love DIYDrones... so here is the Valentine's gift from the Dev Team! Yeah, we love you back. LOL =)
Anyway, in fact the title of this post could also be "ArduCAM OSD Project meets Michael Oborne"!!!

This tool makes setting up the awesome MinimOSD board super easy!

You can also buy from your local distributor, like JDrones.

Now you can:

  • enable and disable panels;
  • positioning panels by drag or numeric input;
  • save and load layouts from file;
  • save and load layouts from board's EEPROM;
  • test video mode switching with adaptive layout;
  • update firmware;
  • update character set;
  • customize background picture;
  • set grid on/off;
  • test the layout with telemetry logs from Mission Planner;

If you want to know more about each feature, check this wiki page.

To upgrade your MinimOSD board just went to our download area and grab the "OSD Config" and "MinimOSD 1.9 Pack".
An update pack contains two files: the Firmware (.hex) and the CharSet (.mcm).

Pay attention to the right update order. The tutorials are linked below:

  1. "Update Firmware" (it adds support to upload the character set);
  2. "Update Charset".

I'm super happy with the progress of ArduCAM project.
Now with Michael aboard... the sky is the limit just the start!

Enjoy your new toy! ;) There is much more coming out.

Note: The battery remaining icon was temporarily disabled due it's a work in progress on APM code.

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  • ok... all is good. I forgot to solder the jumper --> to power the analog line...

    The pins are labeled correctly

  • Developer

    @Grips: Yes it is. The video output is the one closest to the edge of the board.

  • Developer

    @Chris Kreuzer: If you're using the two stages, you need to feed the second one (video IN/OUT edge).
    The board will work with just USB only if your chose to tie the two power stages soldering top and bottom jumpers. The instructions are here on Wiki. ;)

  • Moderator

    Guys are the pins labeled correctly on the bottom of the minimosd?

  • my minimOSD doesnt work with usb connection no video out signal ;-(

  • Developer

    @Vaeddyn: Yep. The same ones.

  • So the same pins that the MinimOSD normally connects to the ArduPilot board with?

  • Developer

    @Vaeddyn, one side of your MinimOSD has exactly the same pinout of your cable (six pins).

    Those pins have even a reference to the colors of your FTDI cable: "GRN" means "green wire" and "BLK" means "black wire".

  • Developer

    @Mark, glad you like it! =) I hope you can get yours soon.

  • Thanks Sandro, uBEC it is then. I had intended to use a board camera as per the specs below, however I expect it not to be compatible with the graphics chip as indicated in some other thread I read somewhere because of its resolution. If that is the case it will be a trusty KX171.

    FH32HQ1 is a low cost camera designed for FPV use, it adapts light changing very quickly, good color and good image quality.

    Image Sensor: 1 / 3 "SONY Super HAD CCD

    Effective Pixels: PAL: 792 (H) × 698 (V) NTSC: 768 (H) × 494 (V)
    Sensing Area: 4.8mm × 3.6mm
    Signal System: PAL / NTSC
    Horizontal Resolution: 540 TV lines
    Minimum illumination: 0.2Lux/F1.2
    Gain Control: Automatic
    Backlight Compensation: Auto
    Electronic Shutter: Auto
    Shutter speed: 1 / 50 (1 / 60) -1/100, 000 (seconds)
    White Balance: Auto Tracking White Balance
    SNR: more than 50dB (AGC OFF)
    Current: DC7.5-12V/120mA
    Size (mm): 32 × 32

This reply was deleted.