Transport Canada and the RCMP are investigating videos posted on YouTube showing an “unmanned air vehicle” flying near Vancouver International Airport and over Vancouver Harbour, the site of commercial float-plane operations.

Transport Canada spokesman Rod Nelson said Tuesday the federal department is “very concerned about the operations of this UAV and we have been working with the RMCP to determine the operator’s identity.”

More of the story published by The Vancouver Sun can be read here.

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  • Well i certainly can't beat that conspiracy post for thought provocation, or really add anything to what has already been said, but i can answer one of your questions Rob. 

    I am currently finishing off a 3-axis gimbal for a nex-5 that allows you to use the 18-55mm lens, and zoom it in an out. On the test version I'm getting lovely stabilisation and jello free video, even on full zoom. I've had to use more powerful gimbal motors than usual to compensate for the balance being slightly out when the lens is fully retracted or extended, but it's not necessary to provide dynamic balancing, especially when most of the zoomed in stuff i do is from an almost stationary hex. In fast forward flight i did find that it would occasionally pitch down when zoomed in, hence considering the dynamic balance mechanism, but simply tuning it up a bit fixed that (oh and removing the 'air damn' lens shroud allows me to go faster).

    Of course I was no where near a friggin airport whilst testing any of this.

    And yeah Monroe, that's the best musical interlude yet :)

  • @John F Hendry:  WTF???????? 

  • John, tl;dr.  What?

    I actually just got a call back from somebody in the enforcement branch of the NTSB.  It sounds like they are in fact close to nailing this guy down based on more conventional means (I assume following the "paper trail" from Youtube).  He has already watched al the guys videos, and seen the image of himself, plus where the guy flew close to the airport in Vietnam, etc.  So seems like they're doing a good job.

    We then had a fairly involved discussion about general operations in Canada, it was pretty good.  I got some answers to questions I have.

    I definitely got the impression that us helping to track this guy down is not doing harm to our reputation, or stirring up the hornets nest or anything like that.  There seemed to be a very clear delineation in his mind about guys who operate safely within the rules and those who don't.

  • ERRR!

    Hay guys, something is not right with this video and I smell a rat. I'm used to the smell because I sued the "good doctor" you can Google to see what happened before I showed SLAC's E158 weak force asymmetry data matched CERN's Sept 2011 worldwide announcement that neutrinos were measured @ (v-c)/c=2.48e-5 sec in 453.6 miles and caused SLAC funded by the DOE seeing their data match CERN's to go back over their BaBar data and prove my calculations and therefore CERN's neutrino data collected over a two year period correct to show why neutrinos do not exceed the speed of light traveling @ (v-c)/c=2.48e-5 in 453.6 miles as well as photons observed exceeding the SOL (or so it seemed) ever since Sommerfeld pointed it out in 1948 showing facts being constantly ignored in physics to create a picture without gravity we call the Standard Model. It works because gravity is connected to electromagnetism through time and they use "imaginary numbers" to fill in a missing oscillation phase and "dice" to replace the asymmetry in time I pointed out online too many years ago before CERN's surprising announcement that let me prove it. Doesn’t get any heavier than what I am about to show you in the hope that the idiot abusing gravity responsible sees this.

    SLAC announced "their" discovery of time having an asymmetry in 2012 giving it a sigma 14 level of certainty (more than what is needed to be real) putting CERN in a lower position than SLAC regarding the greatest discovery in the history of man eliminating the missing "dark matter", but unfortunately not the embarrassment and millions of dollars in research money allotted to find it. You can change physics overnight, but not the politics of money controlling it. Ever go on a "snipe hunt" at summer camp? Same thing and if time has asymmetry it proves time has two arrows and the atom has 4 phases/parts (the "hole" opposite the electron observed in semiconductors is the "missing" graviton's oscillation phase showing the "parts" of the atom are really 4 phases of Mass oscillation in space connected to time via a point of reference called an inertial frame of reference and created relative to time in a fixed phase cycle of Mass oscillation) giving entropy a needed second arrow as well. It wasn't a loose cable that caused CERN's worldwide announcement so look closely and you will find the truth. High school level math was all that was required to show it to the world so give it a shot and reduce the WF Asy ratio yourself into 453.6 miles to see what a harmonic comma is and understand why gravity is created relative to time. As soon as you stop thinking this is complicated, you will see how simple it really is to learn just by following what I did posted online. If it was wrong the final number coming from an hour added to the 1000 light year ratio could never match CERN's data let alone create the asymmetry in time SLAC detected after CERN's announcement exposed it. Deception and trickery where money and power is involved is not only all too common, it's how humans seeking power historically behave before destroying themselves and that video was of too high of quality to risk accepting some idiot produced it without some help. To put that on Youtube shows this outburst of concern was done deliberately and that is obvious. A lot of people don't like this hobby and want to stop it because they feel threatened by it and the quality of this video does not match the act of stupidity shown. IMO this guy is being paid to disrupt our right to fly RC aircraft responsibly and he is not the only one on Youtube posting irresponsible acts using RC aircraft where they know it will create controversy. This guy and anyone else that acts like this needs to be investigated carefully to see if they are acting alone. I don't think he is because I would expect this to happen as that is how humans who want something operate. We need to find out who this guy is and turn him in to assist and police ourselves if we don't want to lose what gives kids a reason to study and learn... regardless of their age.

    The .20e-5 sec asymmetry in time created by applying SLAC's E158 data to CERN's neutrino data and detected again in SLAC's BaBar data has a name... it's called gravity. To understand that realize that if you gave gravity a "size" value and compared it to the "size" of the electric force, gravity would be the size of a single proton, and the electric force would be the size of the entire Universe. That's how weak the force of gravity is compared to the electric force and e{a}/t=hv will keep it that way answering a rather important question about "someone's pencil" as Feynman put it. The force of gravity is created by the difference in size of two harmonic commas creating an asymmetry in time called the “lessor dais" which is a tiny piece of time/space left over after the first comma is subtracted from the second arrow's phase comma through wave cancelation. Because gravity gets stuck in a phase location relative to the forward arrow of time with nowhere to go it creates a well of gravity called a black hole showing “someone” very smart is very wrong about the amount it takes to start forming. What we see in music theory is exactly what we see happening with space and time. A musical note's tonal space and the space comprising the Universe are connected to the same time that just keeps on ticking creating more and more with the concept of forever just around the corner.

    Someone needs to create some attention here so this guy who seems to really get around the planet with his transmitter is remembered, saying of course that is the guy in the picture as it's easy to get a picture wrong and be fooled by it. But if that is him, he's going to have a hard time hiding now so keep up the search to send out a message the RC community will not tolerate such blatant disregard of common sense. We are lucky because flying RC aircraft has proven itself when radio gear and motors were heavy and not as dependable requiring bigger wood planes rather than tiny planes made of foam and safer that driving to the field. The RC hobby has established itself as an important part of American culture being copied with some very powerful and influential people enjoying it both financially and in the air. So let’s find this guy and make them richer and increase their influence by doing so. That should fix this problem. 

  • I have the same problem where I live. Any idiot can buy a model aircraft these days and fly it wherever they want to. Gone are thr days of actually learning how to fly! Perhaps out of the box Uav should have regulations included in the box. They are toys but not for the unaware or uneducated in the aviation world.

    Whats wrong with getting a simple licence? Or perhaps pass an airlaw test prior to using a drone? Education is always better than blind regulation for the idiots amongst us. Im worried that the few irresponsible people will mess up the hobby for the rest of us.

  • MR60

    I do not think actions taken here to actively contact various people/organizations is beneficial for us. These actions are just stirring up things and building up negative attention from media and authorities that ultimately will not to the benefits of this hobby. As this case happened long ago and nobody noticed until recently, why stirring this up? Plus, on personal principles,  I do no like "denoucement" ; this reminds me the dark hours, not so long ago, in Europe. Let Justice do its work, if need be.

    I condamn very much what this idiot did, however my opinion is we'd be better off not to do anything that would result in attracting external attention on this very bad example.

  • So what do you think of DJI programming restricted airspace in to their flight controller now? There was quite a bit of criticism about that feature here recently. 

  • Well, this lends new meaning to the VFR term "see and avoid"! 

  • Totally irresponsible and bringing the "heat" to UAV hobbyists/users, really stupid. I agree with previous commentator that as a community I think we need to do something to educate this (and other) persons

  • what an idiot!!!

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