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My APM 2.0 maiden with the MPX Fun Cub

ArduPilot Mega 2.0, the newest autopilot from 3D Robotics/ DIY Drones is mounted in my trusty Multiplex Fun Cub.

The code is 2.27 uploaded via the latest ArduPilot Mega Planner.

Tested were Manual, Stabilized and RTL (Return To Launch) modes. The Fun Cub's Surface Controls were twitchy because I did not put some expo on the ailerons and elevator.

On RTL mode, the Fun Cub was getting battered and shoved by winds on altitude, hence I cannot say if the loiter radius was right. I did not wait for a couple more minutes for the GPS satellites to have a solid fix so on RTL mode, so the Fun Cub loitered a little bit off from the home position; it does not matter because the plane is within my vicinity. Overall, the APM 2.0 performed great in a smaller and lighter form factor.

Thank you APM Dev Team and DIY Drones!


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  • Wiki Ninja

    LOL. Sorry, I tried my best to document this. I was using the GoPro and could not shoot better without lowering the plane's altitude. But that would defeat the purpose of showing how RTL works, lol. :)

  • Beautiful Radio and beautiful Sun !!!  Thank you I couldnt see anything else :-)


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