My First Quadcopter


Well I have finally moved to the dark side and made myself a Quadcopter, and had my first successful flight tonight.

Some Specs:
Weight: 2100g (4.6lbs) Without Flight battery
Span: 102cm (40")
Airframe: Black Anodized Aluminium square tube
Motors: Turnigy 42-50-600kv
Props: Master Airscrew 12x6 3 Blade
ESC's: 60amp Hobbyking SS ESC
Batterys: 3 or 4cell 5A/hr Lipo Flight Battery and 2cell 1800mah Lipo for Avionics
I hope to get some flying videos in the next day or two.

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    Thats exactly why I went for a tricopter with the props all spinning the same way. Much easier than finding or waiting for props here in South Africa.
  • Have not done much flying with it yet but looks like it will get about 7-8mins of hover time with 500grams of payload with the 3cell 4.9Ah battery. For the avionics I am just running APM with Magnetometer on the public Beta Code, It flew on the standard code. The three blade props are a bad Idea, they sap a lot of power, I wanted to use larger 2 blade slow fly props but have had difficulty getting pusher/puller pairs in the size I wanted. On a smaller scale the three blade props would be even worse. So far I have only flown it in the hover, Will get some more aggressive fly done tomorrow.
  • how do those triple blade props work? I've been wanting to try those.
    where do you buy them?
  • What about the avionic aspects ?
  • Developer
    This appears to be a heavy lifter? Planned payload & duration?
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