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  • I fed the pitch and roll from the IMU into a program written to work with a theremin.  There were different scales and I could move through them.  I recorded it in MIDI and then fed it through a music theory program that filtered some of the obvious junk and recorded that in MIDI, then I picked a synthesizer and let it play the result. 

    My approach was much more haphazard and non repeatable than yours. 

  • Is that a sweet pentatonic scale I'm hearing?  I actually thought of restricting the tones to a Cmajor scale so I could play the Naze like a piano, but then I decided it was time to do some actual work ;^D

  • Oh, why not.

  • Oh boy, I played with this idea myself a year or so ago with an IMU.  I won't post the links to soundcloud. ;) 

  • i would love it when the backward oriented mw dev guys would pick it up.

    your work is great!

  • Yeah, ID = 108 ;^D

    Multiwii Serial Protocol - MultiWii
  • Great use,

    "Monsters - Monsters from the ID"

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