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New free Xbee configurator


For those of you frustrated with Digi's X-CTU Xbee configuration software, there's now an alternative. Massimo Banzi, the Arduino team leader (who I'm having dinner with tonight in Rome!), reports:

Italian company “moltosenso” has released a free, cross-platform software that allows you to configure all the parameters of your XBee modules.

From the website:
moltosenso Network Manager™ IRON is the cross-platform answer for the users of Digi International® X-CTU™.
The same functionalities are now available on Microsoft Windows®, Linux® and Mac OS X™ operating systems.
Thanks to a snappy and totally free GUI, moltosenso Network Manager™ IRON is able to grant:
  • get/set of the parameters of Digi International® modules plugged to the PC, both in API and AT mode;
  • get/set of the parameters of Digi International® modules remotely addressable;
  • an effective graphic test for RSSI parameter, especially tailored for XBEE™ modules;
  • firmware upload (local and – where available – remote) for many supported Digi International® modules.

Download it and enjoy it!

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  • Dear all,

    moltosenso Network Manager™ BRONZE and SILVER releases are ready for download here.

    BRONZE features:

    • automatic setting of the serial port to communicate with the Digi International device plugged to the PC;
    • fast and easy procedure for I/O lines setting of both local plugged and remote Digi International XBEE™ modules (same also for other Digi International devices, as long as they share the same setup procedure of XBEE™ modules);
    • reading measurements of both analog (mV read) and digital input lines;
    • setting for output digital lines, for an easy remote control of every kind of appliances.
    SILVER features:
    • easily setting of operations all over a WSAN built with Digi International modules;
    • scripts creation to get and set repetitively the parameters of each network module using a graphical wizard; 
    • smart interface to debug the real-time effects of commands remotely issued to the nodes in a step-by-step fashion.
    Give them a chance!
  • Hi everybody,

    moltosenso Network Manager IRON 1.0.0 is ready for download here.

    It provides important updates. Check it out!

    Bronze release is almost ready: stay tuned!

  • Hi Everyone!
    @ Earl. Glad you got your personal license at the stunning price of 1.39$. Unfortunately the real price of the Bronze release is 25€. You had a lucky strike, processing the order while there were some ongoing debugging tests on our e-commerce platform. Enjoy your license!

  • Nice. Something that I can use on my Mac

  • I ordered from digi at first, discovered the delay in shipping, cancelled and reordered from digikey last friday, I just the modules today.  If you are ompatient you might cancel and try Digikey for the xbees. <5 day turnaround, I know what I am working on tonight!


  • I bought the bronse module. waiting for email to download. has some nice features. can't beat the price of $1.37 us!


  • Distributor

    Just got confirmation that my order from DiGi will be shipped in within 2-3 weeks! This is a great news for us Canadians, they are pretty hard to get.  I dont think I will have enough to please everyone and price might increase a bit but at least I will see soon Xbee 900 modules in my hands for the first time in 2012! 

    Cant wait to try out this interface! 


  • Moderator

    Ask Massimo what he has heard about the availability of the Xbee modules themselves.. I have been waiting for a set of 900mhz ones for ages!

  • Nice!

    Any plans to visit Milan? Would be wicked to have an "aperitivo" and a chat toghether!



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