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New ROS2 autopilot code for Dronecode/PX4

Great update from Victor Mayoral on ROS 2.0 progress and the further integration of the Dronecode/PX4 stack and ROS

ROS 2.0 native drone flight stack prototype

The video above provides a peek into a working prototype of the concept of a software autopilot for drones that speaks ROS 2.0 natively, that is, a modified version of the PX4 flight stack where all the barometer readings fetched from the corresponding sensor are published using ROS 2.0 and used by other modules through the subscription primitives of ROS 2.0.

This work aims to explore the potential of autopilots that interoperate natively with ROS and are able to extend their existing functionalities (attitude and altitude stabilization, basic flight modes, mission planning, etc.) with higher level behaviors common in robotics (obstacle avoidance, SLAM, fully autonomous navigation, etc.).

Code and instructions are available here.

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