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  • not really cheap....

  • T3

    I too would definitely support a business like yours if I had the budget to do more than just get the spares I need here and there ($10/mo. gets you nowhere). I usually go to my LHS when possible because they are a good group of retired guys that love the hobby. Costs are always a little bit more than buying from China but that's life. The faster shipping is definitely a plus.

    Good luck on the venture. The site is a good looking one too.

  • Developer

    Do you guys keep any HD video recording cameras(preferably small form factor). I don't really want to order from HobbyKing, as their shipping charge is too much. I couldn't find any such product, but if you people stock such stuff at a moderate rate,I'll buy it from you.

    Its difficult to get stuff from HobbyKing on a student budget, hope you guys stock something like it in the near future! 

    BTW, really like your website

  • HK offers it for 77.26 plus shipping at the USA warehouse. The problem is it BACKORDERED! I got the 10% coupon to work, but not the free shipping. 85.10 with 5 buck shipping or if the free shipping coupon worked, it would only be 80.10. I think that pretty comparable to HK if you ask me.

  • Here you go Christian. Know thy competition, not that you have never heard of Hobby King or anything.

  • We have SSL certificates on the Site, but we never store any credit card information on Cheap Drones, but we will get your shipping address for obvious reasons so we added the SSL certificate to assure you that any information you send is safe and secure.

  • Hey Jeff, Cheap Drones is built on a WordPress E-Commerce backbone...

  • Alright, see if that did anything.  Sorry, just learning these coupon codes :)

  • Sorry, Wyoben, give me just a second..  

  • on another note what store program is that?

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