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3689658128?profile=originalImpressively tiny given the GPS, autopilot and promised LTE connection option. Virtual FPV racing and indoor/outdoor use. On Kickstarter now:

tobyrich.vegas next to an iPhone 5 and a Samsung tablettobyrich.vegas next to an iPhone 5 and a Samsung tablet


They are smartphone controlled drones with many sensors and app that is designed like a computer game. A large amount of sensors from the drone, phone and the internet is giving a real-time picture of the situation. Our fleet of drones is equipped with GPS, 4G/LTE, a 9-axes sensor, Bluetooth Smart technology, an HD camera and much more! Based on the exact position and movement of the drone and phone, you will be able to explore amazing games such as Dogfights, Air Races and Stunts.

We can predict the impact of a rocket, the perfection of a looping and estimate the distance between two drones. 

You can also use our gaming drones like a normal remote controlled plane and fly it through the free flight mode by tilting the phone or by using our joysticks.

tobyrich.red app: main control screen (left), anti-aircraft battle mode (right)

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  • The stick on sticks are a great idea!
  • This will certainly get funded.  Hopefully this won't go the same way the first handful of millions of drone dollars went on kickstarter... But I see no reason this won't be like EVERY crowdfunded drone so far... A complete scam.

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