Newbies Guide to 2014 + 2013 #TBT


Hey Diy Drones!  I did a Newbies Guide to on Jan 25th, 2013 and when I watched the video it was really awesome to see the change visually over the course of the 2013 year.  This blog will be really helpful to those who are new around here and have questions about how things work on Diy Drones.  I'm opening up my Diy Drones Inbox for any new members who find this blog helpful and have questions about where to find things or anything else of the sort.   I am in no way, shape, or form affiliated with Diy Drones I just want to put my 3+ years as a Diy Drones Members to good use to help "show the ropes" to the newer crowd here!  Above is a Video I just created which is a very general guide to how the site operates and such.  Below that video is the video from almost a year ago.  


Take it Easy Diy Drones,

Joshua Johnson From


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