Its been a while since I posted part 1 on this project. Since then I have been working on the HUD as well as building myself a test copter. Oh, and I've also finally got my 3dr pixhawk,

There is nothing much to show today except the HUD. I did not use the camera here to get a better view of what it looks like.

As you can see it is very like the HUD in mission planner. I have looked a lot at the Mission Planner code when creating this to get it as similar as possible without overdoing it at this stage.

The basic idea here is that the HUD should always be straight ahead so when I tilt my head the HUD stays in its original position. This way I always know what is straight and hopefully also get a better sense of immersion. If I turn off the head tracking the gimbal is put in neutral position and the HUD will also lock its position in the center of my view.

At this stage there's really not much more to say about it. It is drawn using Direct2d to a texture that is then placed on a polygon and rendered in Direct3d. There is still a lot of work to do on it but the main parts are in place.

Hopefully I will be able to do some test flights this week if the weather allows, will post an update then.

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  • Oh, also forgot to mention. Working on getting a stereo stream using a Raspberry PI Compute Module with two camera ports.

  • Unfortunately I've had very little time since November to work on this. Kids, work and other projects has taken up all my spare time lately.

    Here is a link to when I'm flying with it:

    There is a around 400ms latency on the video here that I should be able to bring down to 150ms. I'm using a raspberry pi and a 5.8GHz wifi link to stream the video to my GCS. Im writing on a blog post on the setup that I hope to post soon.

  • Great! 

    I wonder how long it will take for fatshark or immersionrc to release a receiver where you can just plugin an Oculus Rift without the need for a computer. Guess we'll have to wait until the consumer release of the rift is released to know this... But even if this is a "toy", the Parrot BeBop has that built in. 

    I'm not convinced 3D is an added value in fpv unless you fly close to the ground or objects. But definitely the very wide fov of the Oculus is what I want for flying! 

  • :) definitely possible over a digital link to bring multiple streams across. keep it up!

  • @Superwalloon

    I actually don't stabilize the camera here. As long as you doesn't move your head the camera will be pointing forwards and follow the frame.


    You've probably already seen me on Patrick Duffys thread, maybe you know whats up :)

  • @Nils - bringing an HD stream or even two would be ideal given the Oculus's capabilities except its only going to increase latency. COFDM tx would be great but are hugely expensive. Even the Chinese copies are ~$8k of just the tx and end to end latency is appox. 150ms. That being said, this looks awesome. 

  • Nils, with such a level of immersion I'm not sure I would put the camera on a gimbal. Flying fpv with a stabilized camera is kind of very perturbing. First it removes a lot of the immersion sensation, second depending on the flight mode you are using it can give a lot of unwanted surprised (for instance if you fly in acro mode and don't realized your quad is completely banked). 

  • Im using a Hauppauge live usb 2 video capture card right now. With my old code i had around 100 ms latency using an analog camera iirc. With this code it seems like I have around 200 ms with the mobius camera. But I know some improvements that would hopefully get the latency down a bit more.

    Though this analog link is only temporary, I've been looking at getting a HD stream (or preferably two) to the Oculus for some time now but have not decided on what technology to use yet.

  • Nice. How do you digitize the video and what lag are you getting? My experiments with a USB video grabber showed a lag of 200ms.

  • @MikeRover
    That's a good idea. Right now I only have a spritebatch printing my head yaw, tilt, roll angle. Not very intuitive :)
    Head level is right now forward from the vehicle but that will be adjustable. It depends on how you setup your neutral position.
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