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Parrot AR.Drone unboxing photos

Some quickie shots from my phone, along with first impressions. Above, the cardboard inner box. Same basic setup as the prototype: an indoors protective foam ring body, and a second (yellow/orange) smaller body for outdoors. No other big changes that I can see. Same brushless motors, cameras, props.

I see that DANGER is part of the selling point (that explains these obnoxious promotional videos. There's a little skull in the logo at the center there...

Awww. The cover over the electronics is now opaque. You can't see the gorgeous circuit board and chips :-(

Thankfully, they've fixed the motor wires. Those were the #1 point of failure on the prototype. Now they've got a proper connector and are tucked away nicely.

Also, no silly rubber feet like the ones that kept falling off on the prototype.

When I get my iPhone charged up, I'll try the software.

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    Is it charged yet ?? :))
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