PIC32Flight Control & dsESC4



Hereby my project, I wanted to build a quadrocopter to learn more about system control and brushless motor and because it is cool. To target also was to make it without as little wires as possible and that is why I made a stacked PCB setup. Made two PCB's one flightcontroller with a lot of possibilities to expand in the future (for instance two PIC32 and also place for MPU-9150).  And one PCB with 4 ESC's integrated and battery current measurement, still have to do a lot things (first thing is altitude control). For me it is just a learning experience (programming is not my strongest point). Hope you like it.


Flightcontroller with PIC32

  • 400Hz angle and speed control
  • 2S to 5S
  • MPU-6050
  • HMC5883L
  • MS5611
  • GPS
  • SD
  • Spektrum
  • Telemetry (Wi.232, will be replaced by RFM22 in the future)
  • PC control (Labview)
  • Servo outputs
  • The possibilty to make bode plots of the quad (looks like this)


  • dsPIC33FJ
  • 12A per ESC without cooling, (has to be tested more with thermal camera)
  • 2S to 5S
  • Current limiting
  • Closeloop RPM
  • Battery current sensor
  • I2C
  • SPI
  • UART


  • Altitude control
  • GPS position control
  • Making it autonomously
  • Vision control
  • Camera gimbal
  • ....
















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  • @Julio Cesar Escudero




    I programmed myself but got inspiration of some papers. I sample the BEMF during the On and Off time of the PWM. Normally there is a foam undeneath the IMU but left it out of the photo.

  • Wow !!! Great work !!!

    Did you use the App note from microchip for the ESCs or did you developped your own code?

    Are you flying with the IMU mounted like that ?

  • Wow, looks everyone is doing great stuff here, I am interested in youy ESC design, can you share it?

    thank you

  • @Michele

    I used a the kalman from Sebastian Madgwick (based on Mahony).


    @Muhammad Al-Rawi

    Thank you


  • Now that is truly DIY. Very well done. Looks awesome.

  • What did you use for stabilize? DMP (native fusion MPU-6050) ,  kalman or DCM ?

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