Pipo ISU - a new IMU/MCU board




Hi guys,

I've been hard at work making a small, single board hardware platform for stabilization/autopilot purposes.


The board is very small.  Currently it measures 1.5"x1.1" (39mm x 28mm).   It runs a 16Mhz Atmel Atmega328p.

Also, included on board are a 3-axis mems gyro, 3-axis mems accelerometer and a 3-axis magnetometer (no in the picture above).


Input voltages are 5v-16v. 

The board can see use up to 16 I/O ports for PWM (in/out), external modules etc...

There's also a I2C header for external I2C units.


The alpha boards are already running a cut-down DCM code:


I'm planning to implement fist a version of the Ardupirates code.

If you're interested in one of these please drop me a line here or via email (erezraviv@gmail.com)




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  • I like the compact version, very clever Nice!!

  • Hi, Is the board open source ? where can I get the eagle files ?
  • I fly in Shomrat (when I have an airplane :)


    Porting all of Ardupirates is loking completely feasible.  I have most of the "heavy stuff" in and the code is just 10K.     Main loop is only 5msec and I think I got the HP and LP filter to an optimum point.


    Here's a small demo of "gimbal stabilisation".  Since I don't have a compass yet there is some yaw drift. 

  • Developer
    Nice, give me a call when you are ready to do some flying.. where are you fly it in Haifa ?
  • I'm working on a quad as we speak.  I'll have a flight demo by the end of the week.


    Almost all the parts are here.   The toughest part were the Magnometers.  Almost no-one has them and I don't want to buy cheap Chinese Knock-offs.

    The HMC5883L does look nice but it won't be available until May.    The HMC5843 do the job well enough.   Now that I've secured enough units I can promise to start delivering within 3 weeks.


    The waiting list is getting longer :)

  • Developer
    Erez, Is it ready to fly soon ?? :) id like to try one.
  • Thanks, I just downloaded it.

    Still, they say it won't be available until May.  I got a local source.

  • Erez, Digikey has a link to the HMC5883 datasheet. No parts though. What's your source for the 43? It's out-of-stock at every distributor I checked.
  • They won't be available until late April.  There's no datasheet either.

    The 5843 OTOH are still available and well documented.

  • Looks great. However the HMC5843 is EOL'd. HMC5883 is its replacement. Slightly smaller with better specs. But unfortunately, I haven't found a source for that yet, either. It's really been a tough couple months for mag sensors.

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