remote shutter for sony nex 5n cam


After many problems with my the infrared trigger to fix sony nex decided not to have problems with my orthophotos.

I modified the trigger of the camera soldering two wires as this website says.

(I'm not having pictures of my installation sorry)

then later connect the two wires to solder on my trigger and connect the output relay of pixhawk.

it set to trigger remote is made through relay with mission planner.

and this is the result!

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  • Steve can you help me.

    I am a survey Engineer and new to pixhawk and to RC General.

    I bought a second hand sony Nex 5R which already has wires connected to shutter. See the pictures.  If i connect  the white and the yellow cable the camera shot. 

    Also i take with the camera a cable layout which includes  a 2 wire cable which connected with the camera shutter cables, and after that  a Sanyou Relays SYS-S-105L.  The Sanyou Relays SYS-S-105L connect to a Board and from the board start a 3 wire servo cable.

    If i connect this servo cable to my X8R receiver i am able to trigger the camera for my Taranis.

    But what i want is to connect it to pixhawk to do mapping.

    Is it possible with what i have. 

    I will need something else?



  • For anyone else interested in soldering to trigger the camera.

    I have tried pretty much every trigger available.  Each one, especially the IR triggers, has lag time when firing the camera.  I now only use direct soldered triggers.  PM me if you want detailed advice on how to make it work.  Basically, you short two points near the camera button to find out how it triggers the camera. Solder a wire to each point and plug into the Pixhawk.  Set the Pixhawk to relay (for trigger type) and it will fire the camera faster than any other option.  I can easily fly my fixed-wing 50+ Mph and trigger the camera with 80% forward lap...

  • Hi Steve,

    Yes it's working perfectly but you should use either Stratosnapper 2 or Skysight trigger.

    I forgot to where I plug the cable but I only connect Signal and Ground (black) to trigger device above.

  • Hi Waladi,

    Did you get your NEX5N setup properly with the soldered cable?

    Which end do you connect the two wires to for Red, Black, and Signal?



  • Hi Alain,

    Could you please share the parameter setting on MP > Initial Setup > Camera Gimbal?

    Do you set the output as "Relay" or "Servo"?


    I manage to modified by Nex5n, but as soon as I plug the cable onto AUX 2, it will start to trigger directly.

    Thanks in advance.


  • I also had some problems with the infrared trigger. My problem was the sun light, I used more tape layers to cover the led emitter and the problem disappeared. I used an Arduino to trigger the shot every few seconds.

  • it's cool !

  • Thanks for the focus info, I'm not using an arduino board so I guess I will have to use relays.  Would activating video be similar?  Just have to tap into the proper contacts?

  • Did the same on my Nex5.

    It wasn't really difficult to solder –it sure looks like is.

    Being lazy I was just connecting it directly to arduino output and set it to HIGH and it snaps. Not advisable but so far no harm seems done to the camera. Focusing is done during each shot. It just does that on AF mode.

  • then shorting pins on bottom position (button fully pressed) camera still autofocus. On mine SX280HS I brought wires outside for shutter, power switch. Tomorrow I could post some pics :)

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